Brent Corrigan Sits Down With Queerty

I sat down (over google chat) with San Diego’s Brent Corrigan, the 21 year-old adult film star who made his first “adult” film at 16. Corrigan made headlines with his involvement in the murder investigation of porn director Bryan Kocis, which has been written about in Out Magazine and Rolling Stone. Brent and I chatted about his work, from Another Gay Sequel to the launch of his new website, his feelings on Barack Obama, and the fight to reject Proposition Eight. The interview is below the fold, along with a bonus gallery.

Brent is keeping himself busy lately. “I’m in pre-production for two major adult productions. I’m gearing up to a mainstream film called Judas Kiss sometime this fall/winter. I just finished directing and writing a project for Dink Flamingo at Dirty Bird Pictures, starring Devon Moss (a newcomer in my industry).”

The Devon Moss project marks a big step into Brent’s transition into directing. “Before I ever entered the adult genre, I had grand designs to become a director or creative director on movies. Sure, I’m doing adult projects but I like to think it’s a good place to sharpen and hone myself because the stakes are smaller and I can afford to implement a healthy learning curve.” He added, “It’s not a “DO or DIE scenario.” He has ideas for mainstream films, including a sexy gay comedy about three friends at a birthday party. “It’s a comedy that pokes fun at how frivolous much of today’s gay generation is.”

As an actor, Brent is also attached to a Judas Kiss, a gay sci-fi film that’s currently in pre-production. “It also has some harsh social themes to it that may make a few people squirm but it’s real, despite some of the sci-fi components to it.” The film has a slick website and fun production photos.

Although he’s excited about his future in mainstream acting, he’s disappointed by the critical reception of his recent film Another Gay Sequel. “To me, the film is very cute and highly entertaining! I love the characters that were written into it.  It’s a campy comedy that is meant to be silly.  So when I read bad reviews, I just wonder what the critic is like in real life.  I think that everyone needs to lighten up a little and pull whatever blunt object they’ve got jammed up their ass – out.” Corrigan said. The critical reception didn’t bother him in the end, “Shooting AGS was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I’ve made some of the strongest, purest connections there with some of the actors.  I consider Will Wikle, Jonah Blechman and Aaron Michael Davies great friends of mine.”

Brent is a frequent blogger, but has had major ownership issues with his websites. He lost his first domain after a legal fight with former business partner Lee Bergeron. “I did not have any control over that situation and the best I could do was cut my losses and move on.” Brent said. His new site is being redesigned over the next several months.

Brent doesn’t just use his website for business. Brent has been active in the fight against Proposition 8 and has asked people on his website to donate and sign petitions. He told me he was out campaigning against the measure just the other day.

He’s also an Obama Supporter, “If anyone voting for McCain believes that he isn’t going to be more of the same of what Bush has brought us, then they are delusional.” he said. But he’s skeptical of real change, “I’m just starting to worry that it’s going to be damn near impossible for anyone to pull us out of the hole Bush has condemned us to.”

For the Kocis murder trial, Brent will testify “to verify my involvement in the sting operation.” Brent helped the FBI catch his killers by wearing a wire. He’s “very much looking forward” to it all being over. The year of the investigation (covered in the Out article at length) was “fraught with uncertainty and a sense of distrust that the authorities involved were going to do the right thing.”

Outside of this interview I’ve had the chance to spend real time with Brent, during the filming of a short musical Didn’t This Used To Be Fun, which I directed, premiering Spring ’09. He was nicer guy than I’d imagined. More genuine than you’d expect.

For now Brent’s looking for new roles, new models for his website, and waiting anxiously for the release of Milk, where he has a small speaking part. He’s also spending time with someone special. But, he doesn’t like to talk about it, “I mean, I already do everything else on camera. Can I not keep some things sacred?” Sure Brent, you’ve exposed yourself enough.

Photos by Kiam (

(Editor’s Note: This is my (Ryan J. Davis) last post as guest editor at Queerty. Andrew’s voice will be the next you hear. Thanks for a great week and keep in touch.)

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  • JPinWeHo

    Pretty light on substance – this is less news and more of a Corrigan press release for his new website and projects.

  • Alj

    ( He’s also spending time with someone special )erm …doesnt he got a boyfriend called grant Roy or did they broke up ??

  • B Nesbitt

    Cute (:

  • Giuseppe Finger

    I don’t get it. Where’s the Q&A? This does not constitute an “interview,” which was promised after the fold. Seriously, what went wrong? Where’s the Google Chat transcript? Can someone maybe post it? Andrew?

  • Giuseppe Finger

    Also, the Judas Kiss website is not “slick.” It’s an iWeb template. Sorry to be such a douchebag here, but it’s a little condescending to assume Queerty readers can’t tell the difference.

  • Jack Scribe

    Fluff…or, fluffer? This cutie has been all about self-promotion since I first became aware of him. This is just another outlet for Brent to sell himself. Hope he’s saved some money before the clock stops…for it does, in porn, when you market yourself as a twink.

  • CitizenGeek

    Too much porn talk today, Queerty. Too much.

  • Steve

    Its a short piece that is meant to give you an insight into Brent Corrigan- what hes up to, etc. Certainly it did that, and allowed you to find out more by going to his website. Brent is a great guy, and certainly more than just a porn star. I’ve been a reader of his blog for three years now, and have had the opportunity to understand a lot about Brent Corrigan through his candid posts.


  • audiored

    Does someone have a crush on Brent Corrigan?! *winkwinknudgenudge*

  • Jody

    I’ve had the opportunity of working with Brent on several occasions now. He’s acted in two of my (non-porn) short films, the first one, TELL ME, is available at, the second one IN THE CLOSET, will appear there later this year.

    As good a porn star as he is, and by all measures he’s great, he’s an even better actor, made more remarkable by the fact that he hasn’t taken any classes. He’s appeared in only a handful of films. His role in CLOSET really speaks to the fact that he’s got a career ahead of him in the gay or the indie movie scenes.

    Having read the script for JUDAS KISS, it’s wonderful film and Brent’s perfect for his role. The guys behind it — iWeb template or no — are committed to doing a good film. Brent’s talent will help them in their endeavor.

  • CitizenGeek

    Does Queerty really think it’s readership is so stupid that they’d be interested in reading about a vacuous, spoilt brat porn star? I mean, there’s gay persecution in most of the world, there’s a US election, there’s millions being spent in Florida and California on gay marriage stuff, there’s a national election going on, AIDs infections are up, gay people are being thrown out of the US army, etc. and Queerty puts all of that aside to focus on a porn star who made his first film when he was 17? Give me a break!

    I want Andrew back! >:/

  • striking

    Hello everyone,

    I think the article shows quite well that Brent is very multifaceted, not to say “versatile”. As an actor, pornstar, writer, – you name it.
    I find him, as a personality, extremely interesting!
    Let’s hope that after all of his ups and downs, his work will be rewarded by the success he deserves for his industry!


  • John K

    I’m surprised Brent can “sit down” at all after what his a** has been through!!!

  • Charles Merrill

    If he supported McCain I would probably say ………nothing.

  • michael

    I guess this interview was not supposed to tell his life story but it really has not told me anything about him. Maybe he is as big as Madonna so it is assumed that the basics are known to all, guess I have been asleep. I would be interested in knowing how a 16 year old gets into porn, legally. What kind of adult, and I am assuming an adult puts a 16 year old in a porn film, and were his parent okay with this? Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty liberal, actually even in the gay world I am considered extremely liberal. But I guess I draw the line somewhere and a 16 year old is still not an adult. Also, did he finish high school while he was doing porn? Maybe today is man/boy love day on Queerty.

  • jrex

    I think this guy is quite an attractive young man now at 22 and seems to be trying to develop a real career with alternatives despite his rocky start and clear abuse by adults he trusted. Maybe he is a little full of himself, but not unlike a lot of young guys starting out.

  • Trenton

    JRex has it right. I cringed when I saw earlier today that there would be an interview with the fellow, because I knew that A) it wouldn’t likely be compelling reading and B) a noxious mix of snide comments and oblique pep talks from Corrigan’s cheering squad. It happens every time a porn star gets mentioned on the site, actually, as when that fellow died a few months back of staph/heart attack/aids/alien parasite/whatever the fuck it actually was.

    So yea. Not good content, and all of these projects sound pretty wretched, but godspeed all the same to the fellow. 6 years in that business and (I’m assuming) minimal schooling doesn’t exactly produce a sophisticated sort, but he seems to have healthy ambitions. I hope they get him somewhere before he’s considered yesterday’s meat.

    And if you think that he already is, don’t say it. I think we already have enough bitter words to see us through the weekend.

  • boytroy

    I love porn, but I never really got into this kid cause, well, I am not into kids. One thing that really concerns me is that gay youth will read these stories and think porn is a way to the top of the acting,film world and romanticize the porn profession. I just read a lot about Brent’s history and there really is nothing romantic or pretty about it. This kid has been abandoned, exploited, threatened and put in harms way for most of his life and while I have a lot of compassion for him, I don’t think he is a great role model for anyone. Queerty has been a little on the sleazy, icky side this week, at least for me.

  • myshak

    o.k., the interview side of things may be a little thin for anyone who knows anything about brent corrigan but i don’t see that as any reason to knock brent himself.

    he first came to my attention shortly before the underage scandal broke and long before the murder of bryan kocis. maybe i was sceptical at first of a young porn star who regularly poured out his feelings and private life on the internet. however i was interested and have been reading his blog ever since and i am of the opinion that brent is genuine and sincere in his intentions. should part of those be to promote himself and his work so be it. work in the adult industry is still work. if you’re not interested then leave the guy alone…really, all the name calling is just a bit unnecessary.

    i didn’t intend to rant so i will stop now.

  • sinewandbones

    You negative people crack me up with your monochrome/hypocritical personalities. LOL

    What a nice easy read! It’s short, informative and to the point. What’s not to like?

  • Marius S.

    I have to go with Mr. sinewandbones, above me. I don’t understand the rancor – the angry mob of villagers with torches.

    What do people want from a something called “Brent Corrigan Sits Down With, On, or Under Queerty?”

    I guess something like a Barbara Walters: “What kind of tree would you be, followed by trembling lower lip and a torrent of tears?

    I think the kid knows the shelf-life of a twink.

    He’s the male Traci Lords, just wait for the book. Odds are he won’t even need a ghostwriter.

  • Qjersey

    Thanks for another vapid interview in the gay media.

    “Were you worried about becoming infected with HIV since you started your career as a bareback bottom?”

    “Were there any precautions or screening done to ensure that the actors in your bareback films were free from STD’s?”

    “How do you think that bareback films featuring young men like yourself contributes to the ambivalence about unsafe among young gay men today?”

  • OLM

    I’d rather Queerty steer clear of the porn-world coverage. I can’t figure out why this industry and its stars are considered worthy of journalistic coverage.

  • drunkonsweetolive

    Is it just me, or is the line “…the 21 year-old adult film star who made his first “adult” film at 16.” a bit disconcerting? What a way to start an article, especially when it is the first thing on the page!??! Makes the gay porn industry look real lax and non age discriminative and sets the whole community back about 10 years. And this was nothing but shameless self promotion. Oh he’s such a good gay porn star, he supports Obama and is against Prop 8. What hard hitting news. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote this himself.

  • CitizenGeek

    I’m with OLM 100%. Why are pornstars considered legitimate personalities in gay culture? They’re not; leave it that way.

  • Mermania

    The Yves Saint Laurent glasses are funny. As for all you porn-bashers out there, well, all I can say is “stop drinking the haterade!”
    Oh, and please do pull that blunt object out of your collective asses.

  • mds

    Although I think the interview itself was not very good, I will say that I did find it interesting and informative. I had never really heard of this young guy before and I did Google and read more
    about him on the net. Although I sorta feel that this article was
    more designed to glorify this guy and somewhat dangerous for
    the younger gay set to see that way, it opened my eye further to
    the perils that can wait for young guys entering this industry. When a 16 year old is dating older guys who get them into drugs
    and the sex trade, porn studios have more concern for the dollars a video may bring versus the jeopardy they are putting their actors in by filming them bareback, we do have a problem.
    And referring to those who have concern for our youth “hypocrites” is just plain ignorant.

  • kevin

    WOw. I kinda feel embarassed to be gay today. Porn star interviews? Really Queerty? Really? Blech!

  • Grant

    Too bad most of the gay men in this country and elsewhere in the world are too g_d-d_mned closeted to come out and make a difference in our community! But they are the first to berate and judge Brent and others like him who have had to forge a different path.

    Brave and unwavering in his very broad life and career aspirations, Mr. Corrigan embraces and (in this young man’s case) showcases his sexuality to get a grasp his dreams in the world, while at the same time controlling his destiny and maybe even inspiring others to do the same! (young and old, male and female, all races, cultures and the full spectrum of sexuality) I know! I have all the stats from his websites to prove it! :)

    And no, we do not suggest they do it through adult entertainment, but through their passion or chosen career path as they make their way through this very tough and sometimes unforgiving society.

    Eight-seven percent (87%) of the models that have worked with both BrentCorriganOnline and have been either attending college or college graduates. During our productions, it is as much about the boys bonding as (out, gay and empowered) individuals and maybe even empowering them a little with the potential of forming lifelong friendships, which at times help us all navigate through this extremely complex world of ours. The majority of models who have worked with Brent Corrigan and his company have shared was an experience they will never forget.

    That’s the return in the Brent Corrigan vision. And with that kind of response, he’ll continue to move forward with his ambitions and motivation for the greater good of the community while using the tools necessary to continue to build bridges, not tear them down!

    Yours Truly,

    Grant Roy
    Producer / Partner
    BrentCorriganINÇ.com / Prodigy Pictures

  • Glenn

    I have read Brent’s blog for a very long time and he’s a great person. An interesting, honoust, cool guy that never gives up. A lot of people would have given up, but no matter what, he doesn’t give up!

    Interesting interview and nice pics.

  • Qjersey

    Nice to hear from a Producer.

    So Mr. Grant, do your performers get residuals or profit sharing?
    Or is the $500 or whatever it is per scene/film enough to fund their college educations?

    Do your performers, that you care so much about, sign away the rights to control the images of them in their contracts?

    If one of your boys became so successful, because after all, he’s a college graduate, would you take down that performers images from your website as not to jeopardize their new career?

    Do you test all your performers using state of the art PCR testing to ensure they are not HIV positive for your bareback films? Do you limit poz actors only barebacking with other poz actors?

    Yeah Mr. Grant, you really care, all the way to your personal bank account you care.

  • CitizenGeek

    Is this Grant guy serious? Using nice language and convenient statistics doesn’t actually change that what you are doing is porn. Nor does it change how superficial and vacuous Brent Corrigan is. Or that he started in porn when he was underage. Yeah, that’s all just so classy, Mr. Grant!

  • Distingué Traces

    I could do with a little less porn on the site in general, but I’m not sure why this article is getting the grief for it.

    The guy has been in a recent commercial release (however unimpressive) and has a role in the upcoming Milk, which is one of the biggest gay media events of this fall. That makes him worth a Saturday-morning blog post.

    I did think that putting the “porn at 16” bit in the lead but then not addressing it in the article was a bit trashy, as the factoid seemed to be there just to titillate.

    Also, as he’s in Milk, some behind-the-scenes about that experience — meeting Sean Penn, working with Van Sant, etc. — would have been a lot more interesting than having him go on about how Another Gay Movie wasn’t actually all that bad.

  • Carol Brunette

    No Celebrity should have an opinion about Anything right? Does Britany Spears have a valid opinion on anything? Brad Pitt?

    Celebs are mostly Black Holes sucking up all the light in the Pop-Universe!

  • Andrew

    Queerty is cheapened by content like this.


  • sinewandbones

    Mds, please don’t refer to my comment, take it completely out of context, and then have the nerve to call me ignorant.

  • CitizenGeek

    I agree, Queerty is drastically cheapenend by propping up this kind of garbage. Porn is not cool or edgy (despite Ryan’s best efforts this week to insist that it is). And leaving this waste of space interview at the top of the blog for the weekend is just ridiculous.

    I think Andrew should get someone with a bit more class next time!

  • Albert

    Interviews with ‘porn stars’ are like interviews with ‘people.’ Some are interesting and some not so much. I agree, this interview assumed the readers knew more than some did (obvious from some comments.) For Brent fans, it was another highlight in our day, part of an ongoing conversation with a friend and lover.
    Just a few points. Brent got into porn to make some quick, easy money to survive on. His parents were out of the picture for the most part. He was supporting himself through High School which he completed early. He admits his limited education. Still, he is highly intelligent, physically gifted, sexually expressive and a very good actor. Although AGS is getting bad reviews, Brent himself is getting good comments in those same reviews. I have seen Jody’s ‘In the Closet.’ The story is good but it is Brent that carries the show. From the odd shuffling of his step at the beginning to the monologue he does at the end, he is captivating.
    Prodigy pictures is one of if not the best paying studio for newcomers today. They do not do bare backing. All the models are adults and sign contracts so are well aware and agree to the terms and conditions of the job. If anything, Brent is overly cautious about the models he uses. He knows the business and runs a clean (and fun) shop.
    Grant is a friend of mine and he does care about the models. Tossing a pile of accusations at him phrased as questions is most immature.

  • afrolito

    The interview was a waste, but then again most queerty interviews are, so what’s the big deal?

    He’s HOT, and has a nice big dick. Enjoy it for what it is.

  • hardmannyc

    “Too bad most of the gay men in this country and elsewhere in the world are too g_d-d_mned closeted to come out and make a difference in our community!”

    They are?? This is also a nice way to talk about your paying audience.

    “For Brent fans, it was another highlight in our day, part of an ongoing conversation with a friend and lover.”

    That’s just too creepy and way beyond icky.

  • Albert

    “That’s just too creepy and way beyond icky.”

    What part?

  • Woody

    A few thoughts-First, What is wrong with having a
    crush on Brent Corrigan? As for self promotion, In
    the entertainment industry promotion is very important. Which is worse, promoting a movie that
    you are in or promoting a disasterous war against
    terror or promoting the idea that anyone can buy a
    home even if they can’t pay for it? as for fluff-
    okay, the article was more like a headline than real
    information about Brent Corrigan. Sometimes you have to have some fluff to take your mind off the
    news about the wars and this country’s terrible financial condition. If even a small portion of
    the money which has been wasted on the war and on
    bail outs of financial institutions were spent on
    finding a cure for HIV, then we wouldn’t have to
    worry so much about STD’s.


  • CitizenGeek

    The problem isn’t that the interview is a bad interview, it’s that it’s with a porn star. That’s cheap and tacky and I know Queerty to have more class than that. There are more interesting, more important people to interview than porn stars. Ryan Davis needs to grow up, I think.

  • Charles Merrill

    He generated alot of attention so he must have something. I have never seen his films because I am not into twinks but will look out for him. You say he was in “Milk”. Sounds good.

  • Albert

    I do interviews with pornstars, photo models, radio DJ’s and others in the gay genre. These are people. They are only cheap and tacky if they choose to be. None I have dealt with are like that and I would not deal with a cheap and tacky person. Perez Hilton I am sure is a fine man but his on-line personna tends to be cheap and tacky.
    Brent is a class act. I completely disagree with him on some things like politics but he has the honesty to admit he does not know a lot. I respect that. Brent is trying to do good work (including as Kevin has pointed out, substantial charity work.)
    I have to think that people who read blogs to make nasty comments are leading miserable lives. That is a quandry. Why not just go to where you find happiness and comment there? The question goes to ‘intent.’

  • Alex

    “The problem isn’t that the interview is a bad interview, it’s that it’s with a porn star.”

    eerm why? I think porn is kind of Art :p
    I have read some of his interviews and I find him more sensibale and well spoken than most of the silly stupid famous stars for example britney , paris and etc :/

  • Alex

    forget to add
    he had his story on Rolling Stone mag during the bryan murder .. and they didnt considerd it a wrong thing to publish a porn star`s story .

  • Distingué Traces

    I agree that the trade in commodified sex is harmful to gay culture and particularly to young gay men. But that doesn’t mean that a porn product who becomes a porn producer isn’t newsworthy – quite the reverse.

    I’m interested to read that Corrigan, who performed without condoms in his younger days, is now running a no-bareback company himself. If that’s the case it’s admirable, and it was worth discussing on its own in the article – rather than appearing only here in the comments thread.

    I’d also be interested to hear what protections Corrigan offers to his models against the same kind of financial exploitation he encountered in his earlier career. Corrigan complains about his earlier website being stolen out from under him. Do the performers working for him now have any contractual ownership over their own work?

    It’s silly to pretend that Queerty – with its twice-daily underwear pics – is not fully a part of the porn trade. But it would be nice to talk about that in a less trivial way.

  • Brent Corrigan

    Much Love and and appreciation for taking the time to read my little interview and debate! Please do not take what I’m about to say as an act of offense or defense. I’m merely expanding up my thoughts and the thoughts that have been shared here in the comments section ;-)

    Well, I can’t be that wrong because the last time the readers here at posted anywhere near this many comments, it was on monogamous relationships and the threesomes that keep the flame ignited:

    If being a porn star is so tacky, classless and cheap, why is sex the #1 commented subject on this blog?

    If you really have a complaint about the lack of substance here, then please try and read the whole interview posted on the blog on my website. No one can show their entire wealth of substance in one interview. This interview wasn’t meant to change your world, but rather open your eyes to something that maybe you didn’t know much about before. But if you find yourself unwilling, there’s something bigger going on with you that I cannot waiver.

    All I wanted to do was share myself with you in the hopes that more people would understand that there’s something more to me than meets the eye. Part of why I am so well liked (and why people may appear to hate me so fervently) is I choose to show and be more than what my profession calls for.

    Yes, I’ve worked charities. Yes, I’ve volunteered in the fight for our equal right to marry. Yes, I’m an actor. Yes I’m a writer. Yes I’m only high school educated. Yes I’ve developed two successful companies. Yes I’ve navigated major civil suits and criminal investigations involving murder that changed the course of my life. Yes, I have hobbies and enjoy life outside of sex and the sex trade. Yes, I have made mistakes and chosen paths in my past that I am not proud of. No, I am not ashamed of who I am or where life has taken me.

    But there’s is something to be said about you if you’re not willing to maintain an open mind and agree that everyone deserves a fair chance to stand apart from a stereotype. When you close your mind and dismiss everyone solely for what you see in front of you, then you never learn, never grow and society will always remain closed off and segregated.

    For more than 30 years, the only queer media was the adult industry. Most of what has come along in the last 15 or so years has come after the industry I find myself defending. The beauty of it is, so much of the burgeoning queer media industry is fair enough, and open minded enough; not to want to alienate the roots of Queer Media. Especially, just because now the internet and Cable Television make it cheaper and more accessible.

    And whether or not you think it’s classy enough for you; lets face it boys and girls. . . .

    Sex makes the world go ’round.

  • michael

    I think that like many things in our world, the porn industry has a reputation for exploitation of the weak, links to organized crime, drugs and seedy characters behind the scenes in the business. Now obviously Brent has been victim of these things himself and thank God has lived through them. i do not think anything is wrong with porn or being a model/actor in the business. But just as I believe in all business there ought to be a code of ethics which is strictly followed. No minors and if the credentials are questionable, then a more thorough age check. Producers need to feel like there models have the psychological maturity to handle being in these films. All necessary safety precautions need to be undertook and there needs to be fair treatment in the business compensation end of things for these people. Brent has been through the rough end of things and I hope that he knows that he is a precious soul that deserves the best life has to offer, and the bad things that happened to him never should have. But I hope having coming through these experiences and opening his own companies that he will be able
    to change things, including the dark, negative image of the industry. There will always be those who demonize it no matter
    what, but I think that the porn industry has an opportunity to do
    whats right. Bless you in all that you do Brent. and just do unto others what you wished had been done for you. And for the rest
    of you, remember, he is a young man that deserves our love, not

  • Distingué Traces

    If Prodigy Pictures is already doing one thing right by staying out of the bareback market, then I think publicizing that could very well be an opportunity for great press for them.

    ChiChi LaRue got a lot of positive exposure with his video on barebacking.

  • Brian Miller

    If Brent was 65 and obese, rather than 21 and fit, would this discussion have this many comments?

    What does it say about “our” values when one considers the prior question?

  • boytroy

    Brian, I don’t think there is much of a market for sex films, sex symbols, anything sexual if your 65, and there are a few people into fat but not a lot. I think this is not just a gay thing if that is what you are implying by “our”. I think it holds true for just about every culture, sexual orientation on this planet. Personally, I like my men a bit older but then I am old enough to be Brent’s father,
    well almost old enough. I am not going to feel guilty for what i find sexually attractive, as should nobody have to.

  • thats_so_queer

    Well let me start by saying that after reading the part of the interview published above and the comments that followed I have to say that Brent and his friends seem to be the only ones to make sound arguments. Here’s why:
    1) Subject matter: This article stub was about Brent, not about different aspects of the porn industry, as such I think it did a good job of showing the range of his ambitions.
    2) Porn taboo:
    a) As Brent mentioned above the porn industry was for many years the only formalised ‘gay press’ there was and indeed many transitional phase publications started introducing more and more articles eventually culminating in the establishment of a separate market for these articles (keep in mind that even ten years ago gay news stories had been few and far between.)
    b) Making Brent’s commitment to gay civil rights all the more valid a subject, think for instance of the mobilisation potential of such a trend on models of site’s in countries where the fight for equal rights is far from over. This would have the potential of making an international ‘audience’ aware of the conditions in these countries on a much more personal level.
    c) Now as for the whether the porn industry should be a taboo subject; transparency is always positive, making more people aware of the fact that the models are people is without a doubt a good thing. Firstly, for all of us, regardless of whether we support the industry or not it is decidedly important that the guys we meet see us in our entirety and that they don’t only fixate on how we look and many people we meet might support the industry. Secondly it helps root out the potential for models to be exploited both by showing people who might exploit that people aren’t just objects and setting the example for prospective models that they don’t have to hide in the shadows but can use their fame proactively.
    As a side note porn sites wouldn’t stay in business if there weren’t a market for them within the gay community so those who feel they don’t fall in this demographic should just refrain from reading and commenting on related articles, some of us don’t want to hear about election related stuff on a daily basis but we don’t continuously bitch about it we just bide our time till after November in silence.
    3) ‘Twink’ issue: Some posters seem to focus in on this as a negativism, labels are marketing tools and should be seem as such, if someone outgrows this label it doesn’t have to limit their potential to work. More importantly it helps to focus the model’s attention on progression both of his body and of his ambition, which helps him establish a plan for his future.
    4) Exploitation: Many posts seem to focus in on exploitation, it should be clear that a young guy about the same age as his models would be much less likely to exploit his models (his friends in many cases) which is why Brent should be commended for starting his own site rather than be ripped on because he might make more money than them.
    So lastly to Brent, Grant and Albert thanks for interesting and informative posts, you guys rock for staying so calm in the face of such ludicrous insults.

  • Jolly

    First of all, congrats on the scoop – good work!

    Random note: I know I’m prolly repeating others, but can we talk about Ryan Kwanten?! Wow. I may be the only person watching True Blood, but he’s soooo worth the watching.

    Anyway, I admire Queerty’s work, thanks for all you do!

  • Puddy Katz

    I’m not such a hypocrite that I would put down porn stars (although I have never seen this one, I’m not into twinks or youngsters). It’s not that I object to but the blatant use of this supposed “news” blog for commercial promotion short and simple. And then the repeated postings (under various names) by probably the same person (Brent anyone?) telling us how great he his and directing us to his blog and his other and related projects.
    The editors of this blog should remove those postings, again because they are advertisements and advertisements and crude promotion is far more dangerous to us than porn.
    Mostly I feel sorry for Brent. He thinks he’s going to break into legitimate movies and I doubt it. I hope he has a Plan B in mind.

  • Albert

    Jody Wheeler is a Los Angeles based film producer, writer and chief Guru at I think he has two Masters Degrees. Kevin Goebels is a graduate of Berkely and works in San Francisco at the CUAV, Community United Against Violence project. DeWayne works for the Federal Government in San Diego. I am an Air Force Reserve Officer (commissioned in 1979) in San Antonio currently working as a Licensed Insurance agent. My degree is in Philosophy. I am a Bush supporting right wing conservative, Catholic, father of four sons. Three live with me. DeWayne is my partner. My sons know that.
    My observations is that the fakers are the people that hide behind fake names,

    Brent is already in what are called “legitimate” movies.

  • CitizenGeek

    I don’t think Brent Corrigan should flatter himself so much. The topics that get the most comments on Queerty are the ones that have to do with politics.

  • CitizenGeek

    Also: Porn was not the origins of Queer Media. Were you serious with that point?

  • hahaha

    this was intersting to read LoL

  • Jan

    I am an artist and theorist (40, and holding a ph.d.) located in Austria, Europe. And I find it truly amazing how hypocrisy rules even in a gay american community. I would have accepted better.
    Are all those posters leaving silly comments on the cheapness of porn educated enough to know about the fundamental role of erotica in culture from antiquity onwards? Have hey ever read a page of Georges Bataille’s erotic writing? Or are they just faking a higher level of education by looking down on others?
    I am a true and fervent admirer of Brent Corrigan and his work. I work in film and performing arts and I think I have the experience, knowledge and instinct to predict an international career for him, in more than one field.
    In our postmodern culture porn has entered the radar of a larger culture; that’s why a person about to start a “mainstream” career does not have to hide his past in porn, as so many hollywood actors did and still do. Someone should consider to write an article about that !
    Apart from this overall trend that the readers of this blog seem to be fairly unaware of Brent has proven that sexual performance is a performance of its own, different from acting, but showing a quality with a particular aesthetic. Of course his looks are stunning but aside from that he possesses the ability to combine the intense presentation of sexual passion with a unique quality that some might call innocence and I prefer to call grace.

  • Anthony in Nashville, TN

    I’m not a fan of Corrigan, but to the people who feel Queerty is ‘above’ such stories – when has the gay media not covered porn stars? Unless it’s something like the Gay and Lesbian Review, I think it is fairly common. Face it, gay men love their porn and have elevated its performers to iconic status since the 1970s.

  • hardmannyc

    “:For more than 30 years, the only queer media was the adult industry”

    The Advocate was founded in the late ’60s. Gay Cable News in 1982. There are others. You are very young, so you are forgiven for being uninformed.

    To the person who asked what’s wrong with having a “crush” on a porn actor: Interesting that it’s the same person who wants a little lightness and fun from the all the serious news. Seems to me that’s all Americans GET is escape. If you have a “crush” on a porn actor, you really need to turn off the TV, shut down the computer and go into the [gasp] real world.

  • Brian Miller

    when has the gay media not covered porn stars

    Assuming this is accurate (which is arguable), I would ask a follow-up question:

    Why pretend that the gay media, like gay culture in general, cannot or should not change?

  • Brian Miller

    I am an artist and theorist (40, and holding a ph.d.) located in Austria, Europe. And I find it truly amazing how hypocrisy rules even in a gay american community.

    Those of us with real jobs, who produce something of value, find it amazing how Europeans with silly government-promoted jobs like “artist and queer theorist” have countless hours to spend lecturing us on “the real world” when they’ve never lived in it.

    So the feeling is mutual, bud!

  • Brian Miller

    he possesses the ability to combine the intense presentation of sexual passion with a unique quality that some might call innocence and I prefer to call grace

    Hey, someone forgot to flush!

  • Rob

    Aside from Jody, Albert, Steve, and Grant Roy, I detect some uppity queer bullshit and from a few of you jokers with better than average educations and lifestyles. First, to set a point about Mr. Roy’s production company, his company does not do bareback porn and won’t be doing bareback porn.

    Next, Brent got into adult film because he saw three possibilities for caring for himself: one prostituting himself, adult film, street hustling (which from context, Brent was referring to selling drugs). Brent’s brief list shows the way a kid thinks because, obviously, there were still other options. Brent did not have the luxury of time to list all of them, but this guy was not wallowing in self-pity when he made his choice of an gay adult film career.

    Grant’s remark left one point out, he has used at least one adult film model who is hetero, married, and has a couple of children by his wife and that young man is well under 30. His name would be Kurt Wild.

    Then, Grant has a point about our “average” porn stars that you jokers want to hurl off into cyberspace. These guys are in college, graduate or professional school or have graduated and are beginning their real world careers.

    I like to think that when gay men are hired for these real world jobs the hirers are looking at their knowledge, skills, and abilities that pertain to the job, not their pedigree or lack thereof, or survival job, like stripping, like gay adult film, like escorting, that the young man took to pay college bills, when a minimum wage job wouldn’t cut it, given the amount of the bills, which of course getting a job to meet obligations is a mark of a responsible employee to be. I will take one of them any day of the week and withhout a Harvard MBA because I am going to end up with someone who really works, doesn’t whine, can fill many functions and by all means volunteer to do more. That is what impresses me more so than all the Harvard BS that doesn’t get the job done.

    This blog is not Notre Dame Cathedral; it is a forum that is to present ALL aspects of gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered life. Get your heads out of the Ivory Gay Tower and start looking around. You want young guys like Brent to have better life’s stories to share, start making that possible by paying a living wage so these young men and boys aren’t exploited in the first place. No one in the United States should have to make a decision like he did over self-respect or being able to keep a roof over his head or food on table and clothes on his back. The fact is Brent comes from a middle class background like 98% of most gay adult film models. Yep, middle class and some from private schools.

    Think about it guys before you open your big mouths and really show your ignorance about who makes up gay life.

  • Woody

    “go into the [gasp] real world.”

    That means that I would have to [gasp] climb out
    from under my rock!


  • Jan

    “Those of us with real jobs, who produce something of value, find it amazing how Europeans with silly government-promoted jobs like “artist and queer theorist” have countless hours to spend lecturing us on “the real world” when they’ve never lived in it.

    So the feeling is mutual, bud!”

    I wonder if you hold the power or knowledge to define which jobs hold value and which world is the real world.
    You don’t know me and you don’t know who is paying my work. I can only see that you are insulting and quite full of yourself. Which confirms what I have stated before in a very sad manner. I had critisized an attitude without insulting anyone in person.
    By the way, I am not doing queer theory, but political philosophy at the university. And I am happy with the fact that the state and not some big company, maybe somehow involved in the military complex is paying my work.

  • Puddy Katz

    Right wing conservative Catholic Bush supporter and gay! Wow.

  • Puddy Katz


    Another Gay Sequel was crap, right? I mean as an Austrian theorist and all, do you have an opinion about that?

  • Matt

    So it looks like Queerty can add Brent to the hate list along with Michael Lucas.

  • Albert

    Puddy Katz said, “Right wing conservative Catholic Bush supporter and gay! Wow.”

    LOL, thanks Puddy. That was sweet. Yes I am but
    actually ‘BI.’ I have four sons.

    Love from Texas, Albert

  • Brian Miller

    I wonder if you hold the power or knowledge to define which jobs hold value and which world is the real world.

    I don’t, and my point was, neither do you.

    You don’t know me and you don’t know who is paying my work.

    I can guess, though, and given that a majority of the performance art in the EU is government funded, either directly or indirectly, it’s likely my call wasn’t far off the mark.

    I can only see that you are insulting and quite full of yourself.

    How ironic. You come in charging with judgmental BS about how intolerant and unworldly Americans are, and then squeal like a stuck pig when it’s thrown back in your face.

    I bet you don’t even see the irony. ;)

    Which confirms what I have stated before in a very sad manner. I had critisized an attitude without insulting anyone in person.

    Oh sure you have. I mean, we really need a lecture on progressive attitudes from the nation that gave the world Hitler, the Holocaust, and Jorg Haider.

  • Brian Miller

    I am going to end up with someone who really works, doesn’t whine, can fill many functions and by all means volunteer to do more. That is what impresses me more so than all the Harvard BS that doesn’t get the job done.

    Sorry, this a big load of crap.

    Let’s be real. If Brent was a 65-year-old overweight guy, you wouldn’t be saying any of this.

    I support Brent’s right to chase any career he wants. But let’s stop pretending he’s being celebrated for anything other than his appeal as a sexual object.

  • michael

    It is amazing where people derive there self worth.
    Education, moral standards, profession, “Queer theorist”
    But strip all that away and you have what? Just you. (and just ask anyone who suffers from Alzhemiers, your education is guaranteed to be with you forever.) How yeah, I forgot “Bush” supporter and father of 4.
    The most impressive thing I find about Brent is that he is what he is. No bullshit degrees, no titles, no “acquired” identity. Just a young guy, taking what he was given and trying to use to make his way through the world and reveal some of himself in the process. So, please to all of you that think your something special, your not, the only special ones are the ones that let their real selves shine, and most of them end up crucified, like
    whats happening here.

  • Albert

    Well said Michael. Thank you.

  • hardmannyc

    “By the way, I am not doing queer theory, but political philosophy at the university. And I am happy with the fact that the state and not some big company, maybe somehow involved in the military complex is paying my work.”

    Wow, the self-deception and basic ignorance in that statement is breathtaking.

    Honey, all money is tainted. And as Balzac said, all great fortunes begin with a crime. Don’t even get me started on the ultimate source of your precious Austrian government money. Hint: Jews. Vienna. 1939.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m sure I’m going to regret wading in here – but I think balance is the operative word.

    Journalism is news that people want to read – and although this puff piece does seem to promote Brent Corrigan, it is not as though he is unknown or that people would have a hard time finding him. As to “corrupting youth” etc. people found plenty of ways to be “immoral” before film, VHS and other forms of photographed porn.

    I agree with QJersey also though that an interview would be much more newsworthy with some of the questions posed in his post.

    Jan – you can’t have it both ways. Period. But I do see your points. Brian Miller – I will fess up – I’m a government employee – some things private industry does well, some things government does well. (and I do want to throw in here that sacrosanct “private industry” does a lot of poor work and sells a lot shoddy stuff to the State government to the tune of millions dollars annually – so it is not as if govt all bad and business is all good) Good points about a lecture from the country that gave us Hitler and the Holocaust – but check out The Shock Doctrine – USA, (and others) through the World Bank and IMF have impoverished, starved, and indirectly killed millions too.

  • Jaroslaw

    ps – The Shock Doctrine is a book by Naomi Klein and remember – History is written by the winners.

    No small point to overlook……

  • Kevin

    Lots and lots of stalkers on here.

  • Rob


    Like I said, pay these young guys, and not just a young gay man but the hetero ones too, a decent living wage and perhaps there would be less of the adult film work you snub. I seriously doubt that will happen though. Brent’s a sex object, yep, no disagreement there but with a difference. This guy has a personality, a genuineness, and actually admits to making mistakes in his life.

    You got me right about the glamour of the touted Harvard MBA. I want people working for me who speak and write the King’s English, can relate to ordinary people, and can roll up their sleeves and do more than one function without having a breakdown. That’s why government and businesses in the US are increasingly gravitating to graduates with master’s degrees in the liberal arts. Those folks tend to be versatile and welcome new challenges without stressing out.

    And, I too work for the Federal government.

  • thats_so_queer

    To BRIAN MILLER: “Sorry, this a big load of crap.
    Let’s be real. If Brent was a 65-year-old overweight guy, you wouldn’t be saying any of this.”
    Yes the comments would have differed if that was who he was because a 65yo guy with the ambitions Brent has would just be creepy cauz he would be in it for wholly different reasons.
    “But let’s stop pretending he’s being celebrated for anything other than his appeal as a sexual object.”
    Personally Brent isn’t my type so I disagree, I respect him for the other things he does and wants to do.
    Well actually the Advocate is the perfect example of the interconnectedness of gay reporting and porn, the Advocate had pictures of naked men on the cover and inside from the time it went national in 1969 till it got re-branded in 1992.

  • thats_so_queer

    Regarding the seemingly promotional nature of the article it seems clear after reading the full interview that this is due to bad editing. In the full interview we get to hear how Brent articulates himself making for a much more interesting read, most of this article’s content comes from a single answer, and to be honest most of the questions are just lame, bad guest editor!!
    Oh to BRIAN MILLER regarding: “Oh sure you have. I mean, we really need a lecture on progressive attitudes from the nation that gave the world Hitler, the Holocaust, and Jorg Haider.”
    Brilliant way to illustrate your ignorance, gay people and Jews were communities in the nations persecuted by the Nazi’s so that sort of generalisation is ridiculous.
    kudos JAROSLAW the shock doctrine perfectly illustrates America is by no means blameless of countless terrible atrocities, the short film available here: gives so much info one has to freeze-frame through it to take everything in

  • marcus

    I think this is so cool. What began as a simple little interview of a young man in the porn industry has opened everyone up to think about all kinds of things in our community. I like Michael’s plea for us to love and support our gay youth. Because these are our little bro’s and sister’s and many go through pure hell in this world. I also like being reminded that we aren’t what we think we are, I sometimes lose myself in my status, profession etc, or lack of these things. The beauty of what we are comes from inside us and nobody is above another just because of what they have or acquired or do for living. When people from other nations and cultures look their noses down at us, we can see that we have all done evil. (I was recently in Switzerland, talk about arrogant assholes, and we know on whose money they filled their coffers with) But our country has done its share of similar things. We are ALL just a mess, Each and everyone of us. And quite frankly I am sick and tired of trying to be good enough, smart enough, cute enough, rich enough, moral enough, etc. etc. Its exhausting and at the end of the day
    it does not make me feel any better about myself. Everything in life contains both good and bad. Brent, go out their and make your movies, porn and indy, reach for your dreams, but do it cause you love it, not because it gains you approval or disapproval from anybody other than you. Rock on kid. And by the way, I never heard of Brent until I read this article, so please don’t accuse me of being part of his “self promotion” team.

  • Jan

    Mr. “Brian Miller”, you are so full of hate and prejudice that I really pity you. Get treatment. How can a young man who does not harm anyone and his fans induce such aggression in you? I doubt that anyone with such a disturbance can produce anything of value (maybe weapons aside).
    The hitler/haider thing, wow, that was subtle. Well, your nation gave us Bush and I am sure at the moment more people suffer under him than under a dead dictator and a ridiculous provincial politician. Not to mention Mel Gibson and his beautiful approach to antisemitism. I would never forbid you to say your opinion because of whoever your nation produced. But of course you are bigger and produce more weapons. So I shut up.
    I have put up my critical post just because people are attacking a man of 21 years with a lot of aggressive and utterly wrong accusations. And I do not see the reason why.

    Please do not insult me again, I think you made your intolerant and ignorant Chauvinist point and I want to spare people yet another post to respond to that.

  • Jan

    And the money in the states is all clean? Give me a break. You are just attacking a small country that you do not know at all. You just read a history book. Great.
    Hypocrites all the more. An austrian can teach anyone a lesson as good as a russian or an American or a South African if he/she has something to say. I generally hate to teach lessons but you guys unfortunately need it.
    By the way, get propper health care in your great country (among a lot of other things), then you can insult mine.

  • Jan

    This will be my last and final post, but a lot of weird attacks ask for a lot of clarification, I apologize for that.

    To hardmannyc
    “”By the way, I am not doing queer theory, but political philosophy at the university. And I am happy with the fact that the state and not some big company, maybe somehow involved in the military complex is paying my work.”
    Wow, the self-deception and basic ignorance in that statement is breathtaking.”

    I am afraid the ignorance is all on your part. The absolute hatred against the government I always considered as a peculiarity of the far right, red neck cowboys running around with guns defending their property. But thank you, you taught me a lesson. Also this (gay) community hates the government and the state and thinks everything private enterprise does is just sacred. I hope you do know that some of these nice private enterprises are a little involved in the industrial-military complex that has a wee bit to say in the states? No, you don’t. Oh, I am sorry, I was teaching a lesson again.

    Why don’t you abolish the state all together? Get libertarian. The rich shall live well and maybe do a bit of charity. The poor don’t need any education, health care etc. It’s anyway their fault that they are poor. The state is not an evil entity out there as you seem to thing but the representation of a certain majority. Of course this has its flaws. But better than being dominated and manipulated by corporate business no one ever has elected.

    So, no, actually I am not ashamed for being paid by the state and not by some nice investment bank that is going bankrupt tomorrow.

    To hardmannyc again

    “Don’t even get me started on the ultimate source of your precious Austrian government money. Hint: Jews. Vienna. 1939.“

    Wow, the university of Austria being paid by stolen Jewish money. That is a Hollywood plot. As clever as saying the wealth of the states is built on native American blood. The state of Austria as any state is financed by tax payers’ money. Some of them being the offspring of Hitler followers, that is correct. Yet we are talking about 2 generations in between. You are against the state but into collective guilt and vengeance across several generations? Very biblical indeed.

    I am very aware of the Holocaust and I do hope you know as much about the crimes committed in your country as I know about the indeed enormous crimes committed in mine more than 60 years ago.

    Now you can feel free to pile up more elaborate opinions about Austria, the evil of the state and your contempt for a “queer theorist” that I am not. (You don’t even read properly). I will not respond.

  • ernie

    It is sad that this little article has generated so much venom. It is heartening that the people who know Brent Corrigan have come to his defense. It is puzzling why this little article has had this tremendous effect.

    I can’t think of anything to say here for Brent that has not been said. I’ll just add this quote:

    “If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years.” (Bertrand Russell)

  • hardmannyc

    “Also this (gay) community hates the government and the state and thinks everything private enterprise does is just sacred.”

    Spoken like a true Austrian. Yes, Jan, I have a healthy American distrust of the state. considering your nation’s history, you would do well to have some, too.

  • Jan

    It’s telling that Brent ends his message with “sex makes the world go round.”

    Maybe it makes his world go round, but not mine.

  • Ray

    ok, i liked Another Gay Sequel.

  • Jan

    NO. 92 is not me (the Jan of the other comments).
    The “healthy American distrust” has not prevented the citizens of California to elect a native Austrian for governor whose ancestors surely had a certain right wing proclivity.
    I can only hope that the Americans citizens posting here are as critical of their own very problematic history and state as you demand of me.

  • michael

    Well everyone, I have posted already here and I am very pro Brent, but I do have to say something about the Austrian that keeps posting here. I am an American expatriate living in Vancouver B.C. I have traveled extensively, My husband is constantly in Europe and has probably spent 8 weeks in Vienna alone this year on business. I go with him quite often as well. Now one thing I find interesting about the Europeans are they do have an intellectual arrogance about them and they do love to slam Americans ignorantly. They are so guilty of generalizations and assuming that all Americans are the same, Bush rednecks. I do have to say Mr. Austria, you minimizing of the Holocaust is very disturbing. My husbands parents are also from Austria and Bavaria and still keep there Hitler youth books neatly tucked away in the cedar chest. Both grew up under Hitler, and I am going to tell you, the bigotry is ingrained and just transferred to something else. This sort of ignorant hatred is almost part of the European DNA. I have a friend from France who lives in Santa Barbara. He spent half his life in school and he can be a boring intellectual as well. Loves to bash the states and speak of the superior European way of life. Of course when you ask him about anti-semitism in Paris, the horrible way the Swiss depict immigrants in their media, he has nothing to say. I love Europe and I love a lot of their people. But you guys need to cut the holier than thou bullshit, and the “we are so much smarter and intellectual” no your not, your just like everyone else, good and bad and your arrogance and constant put down of the U.S.
    is a poor way to deal with your inferiority complex. If you were
    so well educated you would know that, most first year psych. students do in this country.

  • Jan

    To Michael
    You people do not let go. First learn to read. I quote myself:
    “I am very aware of the Holocaust and I do hope you know as much about the crimes committed in your country as I know about the indeed enormous crimes committed in mine more than 60 years ago.”
    So why accuse me of minimizing? I wonder who is arrogant here. I did not attack America or the American culture, read my posts and you will see. I criticised an attitude regarding eroticism/porn brought forward my some people here. In response I got personally attacked for being an Austrian, for being responsible for crimes competed decades before my birth. Is that a culture of granting the other a free opinion? Did I attack anyone here for what their ancestors had done?
    I do not think that your trips to Paris give you any right to talk about European arrogance. But what is being displayed here is a form of self righteousness that I find unbelievable. I do love American culture a lot (and happen to know it quite well). But I do not like this Chauvinism. By the way, it might well be the case that if people hate the government in principle, no matter which (the one they have elected) they also vote for the worst kind of government. Which gives them a (self imposed) reason to hate it.
    So it is true to some extent, people in the States started to hate Europe and hold very wrong opinions about it. That is an alarming development. I for my part do not hate the states at all. I was just honest and stupid enough to disclose my national and professional identity. All the people attacking me here just do this in complete anonymity, just claiming that they are better and more important than me. Also not a very fair style of controversy.

  • thats_so_queer

    I agree with you JAN not being an American myself I also have felt at times that many Americans are quick to judge other people based on their nationality but then take very personal offence when you in return say something critical of America (not Americans) and this is what has happened here, your nationality was wrongly employed as a negativism meant to colour your motivation in a different light. To my mind all you did in return was to criticise using national history to imply a certain mindset is underlying to the opinions of people of a given country (which as a South African I appreciate.)

  • Ireland

    “Pornography is a Lie” Yet we are all Lier’s

  • aamyko

    It’s so strange how he wants to keep his partner private.. what the hell is up with that? If ur doing Porn .. I’m sorry to say but privacy is that last thing u can ask for.

  • Albert

    100!!! :)

  • Albert

    My partner DeWayne and I have been following Brent Corrigan since he first appeared on Cobra. DeWayne and I actually met on Brent’s blog. To say we are Brent’s top fans may fall a little short. We have seen this time and time again where the mention of his name generates a response. It may go off of him as a subject but the fact is, he draws a response. For me at least, I was more amused at this one. The negatives were really soft core by comparison. Still nasty and often quite ignorant (Prodigy pictures does not do bare backing, thank you very much.) The editing of the interview and subsequent posting on seems too much like a preplanned publicity move. If so, I was not privy to this one. Sometimes I am though. :) Anyway, some thoughts were generated during this discussion and as the possible only participating conservative, I felt compelled to toss my two cents in. So enjoy some real opposition. Next comment.

    Much Love, Albert

  • Albert

    Jan, I did read your comment on Brent’s. People in glass houses should not throw stones. To somehow relate Nazi’s to you simply because of where you live is stupid coming from someone in a nation that had slavery and an active and profitable slave trade. None of us here commenting today are responsible for any of that.
    We are individuals and the communication in this media is good but not perfect. We need to be mindful of misunderstanding.
    In Philosophy, as in most sciences, we start with definitions. I define ’liberalism’ as the functional equivalent to ’socialism.’ It comes from Karl Marx as ’From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’ Or as Robin Hood might put it, ’Take from the rich and give to the poor.’ That I believe to be wrong. That is stealing property you do not own, did not earn and have no right to
    The Nazi’s were the German Socialist Workers Party. Liberals opposed to the more conservative established government. Some 6 million Jews and about 6 million others died because of liberals in that war. That pales in comparison to the establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Joseph Stalin killed an estimated 60 million of his own people with his liberal ideas.
    Marxism, liberalism, socialism, fascism and communism, all parts of the same ’take from others’ mentality, killed more people than any other cause in history.
    George Bush has liberated nearly 60 million people from oppressive dictatorships and we as American are trying to help them establish the ability to self determine their own destiny. We did not invade to own. We invaded to help. That took guts. Some of our guts and some of their guts. As sad as that is, the world is safer now thanks to President Bush. We here in the US have thwarted numerous attempts to do us harm under the ‘Patriot Act.’ We have suffered no significant attack since 9/11.
    Keep in mind when thinking of Mr. Bush. He is only a part of the American Government and like everybody, a temporary part. Congress had to pass the laws that Mr. Bush signed. Our Supreme Court can overturn any unconstitutional law. Democrats and Republicans have supported Mr. Bush since the beginning of his terms. They still do. Not even Democrats want the US to lose a war, despite what the popular press writes in headlines.

    Love from Texas, Albert

  • Brian Miller

    I find it truly amazing how hypocrisy rules even in a gay american community

    That was Jan’s first comment. Loaded up with the typical EU collectivist dismissal of people based on their national origin.

    It’s amusing to see Jan lecture others on “hate and prejudice” under such circumstances.

    As others have attested (and as I can attest after 5+ years living in the EU), a great deal of the attitudes there are people throwing stones from glass houses.

    I would never charge into a room full of Europeans and say “you Europeans are so [fill-in-the-blank]” and not expect to get it handed back to me. Yet Jan curiously expects to receive different treatment.

    Jan, news flash for you: if you’re going to charge in with a self-proclaimed “Austrian” appraisal of those closed-minded redneck Americans, you’re going to receive a similar response about your own nationality. It’s merely holding you to the same standards you’re imposing on others.

    Some 6 million Jews and about 6 million others died because of liberals in that war. That pales in comparison to the establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    Yeah, I mean the Nazis weren’t so bad, what’s everyone complaining about?!?


    I think this discussion has run its course.

  • Albert

    Liberals in Germany and in Russia were murderers on an unprecedented scale in history. Socialism does not work. You did not deny it steals from the rich to give to the poor. You just dont want to talk about it. Understandably.

  • mds

    Albert, liberal and conservatism are just labels and you are manipulating them in order to make us perceive that American liberals are Nazi’s or Communists. What important is not the labels but the actions taken. Mr. Bush may have enjoyed the support of the American people early in his regime but he is ending his presidency with some of the worst approval ratings in presidential history. And what has he liberated these people from? Their former dictator? What do they have now? Nothing and what is really important is that the Iraqi people in general do not want us there, only a few hand picked puppets tell us otherwise. I really think your delusional and the real fact of the matter is that the only people that have benefited from this war are corporations that hail from your home state, and that of your beloved president, Texas. I really think you are wasting your breath posting on this sight, I doubt if you have made any converts.

  • Albert

    My central focus that you also avoid is that your liberalism in all it’s forms is destructive. Liberals want to take money from some and give it to others. That is stealing.
    The Iraqi people are quite comfortable with the US military because we are good people and they know that. I am an Air Force Officer and have been in Iraq. You are reading the liberal press and spouting Democrat party lines.
    As the apparent sole conservative in this thread, I do not expect to win any converts. I am looking for an intelligent discussion. You attck me personnaly. You are of course a liberal. That is expected.
    DeWayne and I are in the early process of possibly starting a politically oriented blog. (We have opposing views as you do with me) I am just seeing if there is any interest or worth in such a thing. I have not attacked any person. The liberals here cannot say the same.

  • Rob


    I am moderate to liberal in my politics and I do not see you as a foe. I share your religious beliefs and believe in a strong military and just war justification. I do not believe in the Iraqi conflict as this conflict does not fit the criteria of a Just War. I do believe in a living wage, and I also believe that government exists to help the many.

    As John Maynard Keynes said to Milton Friedman: “Trickle down economics means that a single sparrow eats from a horse’s droppings.” Or, as the jingoistically inclined, maestro of the que cards, Ronald Reagan, is supposed to have quipped ” A raising tide raises all boats.” Supply side economics, with its intendant deregulation, does not work. Nor does privatizing essential services like fire, police, water, sanitation which again is a failed saw of Milton Friedman, the IMF and the WTO.

    I welcome your comments. I am also glad for your politics. And certainly our faith.

  • Jaroslaw

    Albert – have you read the Shock Doctrine? Yes it is wrong to take from the rich but vice versa is also wrong. We have the largest income inequity in the history of the modern world right here in the USA. 5% of the people have 95% of the money but we can’t afford health care for all? Bullshit.

  • Albert

    The United States has the best health care system on the planet. Our free market economy has led to more scientific innovation in all fields of endeavor, including health care than any nation an history. Health care is not a job of the Federal Government. The Federal Government is responsible for national defense and not much else. Medicare, like Social Security is a pyramid scheme and will collapse on itself like the Soviet Union. Socialsm does not work. It takes a way individual motivation. Some people are motivted and some are not. Some will be wealthy and some will not.
    Rob, a lot of people seem to continue to support Saddam Husein and his rape squads, torture chambers, mass murders and use of chemical weapons on his own populace. Many of these same people distrust a freely elected Iraqi government. I think they are mostly called Democrats.

  • Jaroslaw

    AGAIN ALBERT – have you read the Shock Doctrine?

    PS – newflash – the government is supposed to be what the people say it is. If I can’t pay for healthcare and the LAW says they can take my house and ruin my credit, am I just supposed to die? You’re an ass and I don’t think I’ve ever said that about anyone on this website.

    Health care costs are one of the leading if not THE leading cause of bankruptcy.

    Another thing – your point of view MIGHT have some credibility if there wasn’t so much documentation of the corporations skewing the system with their lobbying and influence peddling against any union initiative or grass roots movement to do anything for the common person. Example – it is almost impossible for the common person to file bankruptcy but corporations always threaten to leave the USA if local, fed and state govts don’t give them everything they ask for. Right here in Detroit, the state gave 55 million to build a baseball stadium and now when you go there, a beer is $6.50. Parking is $20. No, you don’t have to go the ballgame, but neither should the state have kicked in 55 million. Is that the government’s business Albert?

  • Jaroslaw

    (The reason I mentioned $6.50 for beer and $20 for parking – at those prices, the stadium owners are making money hand over fist. Why would they need 55 million from the state then?)

    the 55 m is a simple transfer from the poor, or average taxpayer to the rich. Or is that okay, not just a transfer from the rich to the poor?

  • Jan

    I am happy that the discussion moved elsewhere (even though it is very odd considering the given topic). It might be correct that my first comment involved a certain generalization because language is unfortunately an instrument of generalization. Yet, I confirm that I found hypocrisy in some, not each single comment on this site. My definition in this case being: to discredit a person because he/she is involved in porn (also baring in mind the implicit knowledge that porn indeed is a part of gay life, well, of course not of every single gay person, but of some). No one actually wrote that but some of it had a ring like: I want to jack off on your porn but please shut the fuck up, dear porn actor. As you are a porn actor and also rather young you must be dumb anyway. And that’s what I would call a very unfair generalization.
    And, secondly, to discredit an Austrian’s opinion on Brent Corrigan and porn (by the way I am one of the least patriotic persons on earth, I just named my nationality to indicate that Brent also has fans in Europe) because of Hitler remains the most outrageous and irrational thing I have read in a long while. Just contemplate on it with a cool head and you will see.
    I finally want to state once more that I very much appreciate American culture in many respects (film, music, literature, lifestyle etc., etc.) (American current politics and economy less so) and said it openly whereas Europe seems to invoke only disgust in people posting here. Given the obvious imbalance in military power and the current development in Russia this is more than alarming. If those two spheres connected by rational, democratic and other traditions, and by the way united by a victory over fascism drift apart due to ignorance and arrogance (on both sides) the future of the world will be even worse than its present.

  • Jan

    To Albert
    I strongly disagree with basically everything you say, on health care, Iraq etc. This is no wonder as I am what Americans call liberal and I would call leftist-liberal. But I do respect the way how you state them, a bit coarse, but without insulting anyone, without outbreaks of rage. And that is the tradition of a liberal freedom of opinion and the power of the better argument we share. It is an Anglo-American tradition, not Christian and not conservative.
    I just have to correct you in one point that is so very wrong and indeed misleading that the consequences are really dangerous. There still is a discussion if the rather fake “Socialism” in Nationalsocialism adopted to attract the unemployed workers’ masses has any other than merely tactical meaning. I am aware of the fact that many people in the States use “liberal” and “socialist” almost as synonyms. That might hold true for the USA, yet it is very fuzzy for Europe and regarding the Nazis utterly wrong. The Nazis were many things and claimed to be many things and stole from almost everyone, but they never ever were liberal and did not claim to be for one second. The then already weakened liberal fraction has always been the target of their hatred. Fact is, on the other hand, that a lot of conservatives, also of the Christian variant, formed coalitions with the Nazis holding the illusion to tame them by embrace – as they also shared some negative opinions on socialism, Jews and the decadent western civilisation, conservatives thought Hitler to be the lesser evil. Which proved to be utterly wrong as we know now.

  • Albert

    Thank you Jan, that was kind of you. I am familiar with that nuanced argument about nationalsocialism. I see it as an attempt by other socialists to try and separate themselves from the Nazi’s. An understandable desire. I wouldn’t worry about it myself but I am not a socialist. The fact is the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”, was their name and socialism is what they promoted.
    In some circles there is made a distinction between Communism (which seeks to spread socialism to the world) and fascism (which just wants to socialize a state.) Again I am back to definitions but that is critical to a clear understanding in a discussion.
    As an American, I equate conservatism with our United States Constitution and it’s first ten Amendments. Our founding fathers wanted to strictly limit our Federal Government and give our individual States autonomy. From that standpoint, if Louisiana wants to provide health care to all its citizens, I am totally OK with that. I don’t live there and it would destroy there economy but that would be there choice.
    PAY ATTENTION HERE Jaroslaw. There is nothing in our United States Constitution that in any way suggests that health care or any other care is a job of the Federal Government. Let the individual States do that if they are so inclined. We The People have decided that is not a role for the Federal Government. Marxists like Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama want to change that. Obviously I am opposed.
    DeWayne and I don’t make things happen quickly so don’t expect a political blog anytime soon. My little interviews with porn stars and other can take a month each to complete but we try to do it right. My latest interview with Kameron Scott was just published today. He is a busy busy professional. The neat part for me is getting to know these guys. Check it out and ‘Please leave a nice comment about Kameron.
    This post is pretty much buried in the bowels of this blog so I am done abusing it. Thanks much to the owners. I might check back in a week to see if there are any critical comments needing response. You can always write me at DeWaynes blog. We don’t mind going off topic.

  • Rob


    It takes Democrats like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Fitzgerald Kennedy to win a war and steer clear of nuclear disaster. Then, that stalwart, “I am not a crook,” Richard Milhouse Nixon is noted for two statements. One is the race to put a man on the moon is fantasy (paraphrased) and two Laos is not a target of opportunity. These two statements from a Republican rank with Shrub’s “Mission Accomplished” hype. Looks like the neo-con express went off the tracks in Iraq and at least one of its biggest cheerleaders, the sardonic Don Rumsfeld, was a casualty of flawed tactics and strategy.

    Saddam Hussein may have been an abusive dictator and even a tight fisted, meglomaniac and a son of a bitch in his personal life. None of that rises to the criteria of Just War. That this “war” in Iraq was ill-conceived and not wanted by the US military is very clear. Cases in point, in WWII and Korea and Vietnam, our military had occupation troops in place to restore the peace, water, power, sanitation, and police, bridges, roads and rail lines until the occupied country had reestablished itself, a viable government in place, and an infrastructure in place that could support itself. None of this is present with the retard in the cowboy hat from Texas whose ass takes up space in the White House with the moron in Blaire House who can’t tell a Liberal Republican judge from a flock of quail even when he is standing obliquely to his left elbow and shoots him in the face. The brillance of Ronald Reagan left the citizens of this nation with such outstanding observations as “Trees cause pollution.” I will take a philandering Democrat over a Republican whose horse has an IQ that is higher than his own and that observation from Lauren Bacall who worked with the light bulb salesman.

    I may be a Democrat but I am not a Marxist which you definitely mean as Communist and its boogey word “Red,” a mindset and political system well contrary to the Catholic faith. My faith, my education, my profession, and my former calling which you share would mark me, as well as you, for death in that world. Make no mistake my friend, I would die fighting along side of you to protect this nation and the Constitution to which I am sworn to uphold to allow you the right to speak your mind as the Bill of Rights says you are entitled. That I prefer to help others is a mark of that calling.

    The true meaning of Conservative is one who would change nothing. Unfortunately, things do change. The true meaning of Liberal is one who is receptive to change.

    Thank you Albert for this exchange. I do not doubt your patriotism. I look forward to reading your interviews. I grant you peace.

  • mds

    White North Americans have stolen since before the U.S. even became a nation. Just ask any American Indian or Canadian First
    Nations. Ask any black person, Americans stole their lives. Nothing in this country was earned, it was taken. This whole
    conservatism versus liberalism debate is nothing but an obsessive compulsive disorder. But let me tell you whats really happening, I don’t expect the spiritually bankrupt to get this, but that does not change the truth that is unfolding before our eyes, and because one might be blind does not stop the laws that our universe is built upon. Its called Karma. America is falling, it is now completely out of control The greed and theft of the financial establishment in this nation is reaping what it has sown. Our greed to control the middle east so that our oil companies can become richer is bankrupting our country and to those who believe we are over their for any other reason is but a fool. Our controlling ways and desire to control the world is about to reap us disaster. But by the year 2012, and its gonna be rough until then, all oppressive organizations, institutions, religions will have fallen in ruin. We are entering a time that will separate the truth from lies. It cannot be stopped, things are crumbling and be glad, because they need to. The hippies of the 60’s told us of the great times to come, where love will rule and fear will fall away, but let it be known, the next few years will separate the men from the boy and not everyone will be fit to enjoy this new era. So fasten your seatbelts everybody, cause it is gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • Jaroslaw

    ALBERT – YOU are the one not paying attention. Poll after poll shows that the majority of people want national health care IF they are not scared out of it by false advertisements on TV and endless manipulations over laws by corporate interests such as trial lawyers and insurance companies.

    I don’t dispute for a minute that it is not required in the Constitution to provide health care for people. But you haven’t answered my questions.

    Have you read the shock doctrine? If the law can take my house because I don’t pay a hospital bill (and who can when they are $100,000 and up for many many illnesses?) then perhaps something is wrong with the law.

    Did you ever consider that everyone pays taxes to support universities that enable us to train doctors and hospital staff but everyone can’t afford to go? Every non profit entity (and I’m not saying most are not good organizations) that don’t pay taxes indirectly get subsidized by the fact they don’t pay taxes to promote various things. ALL pay for this subsidy but all don’t benefit.

    Surely you understand this?

  • Jaroslaw

    Oops – forgot to amend my “it’s not in the Constitution statement – but neither is it in the Constitution to hand over public assets to corporations but this happens every day.

  • Rob


    I too believe in Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s efforts at government funded healthcare for all. Every industrialized nation does this for its citizens and think we are idiots for having to fill out private insurance papers to be treated. Their healthcare is not second or third rate and it is preventative.

    And as for Social Security going by the boards, don’t bet on it. Social Security helps the pensioners to make ends meet. I didn’t realize that Republicans could afford to be overtly callous. But then Lehman Brothers knows how to invest for the future so well that in effect that firm is bankrupt.

  • Jimmy

    This dude is a sicko! He did bareback sex when he was underage and filmed it. And he’s still in an industry that degrades gay men and portrays them as perverts. He’s the last person on the planet I would listen to about gay marriage. And his support of Obama isn’t going to change any minds. This is really pathetic.

  • Derek

    Brent needs to get a life and get out of porn. He is damn lucky he doesn’t live where he could be killed or jailed for his behavior. See link:

    And the guy who wrote the following is insane:

    “Eight-seven percent (87%) of the models that have worked with both BrentCorriganOnline and have been either attending college or college graduates. During our productions, it is as much about the boys bonding as (out, gay and empowered) individuals and maybe even empowering them a little with the potential of forming lifelong friendships, which at times help us all navigate through this extremely complex world of ours. The majority of models who have worked with Brent Corrigan and his company have shared was an experience they will never forget.”

    1. Just because someone goes to college does not mean they always make the right decisions. 2.Doing porn is not empowering. You’re being paid money to have sex, plain and simple.
    3. Plenty of people form lifelong friendships without having sex with their friends and filming it. And they are not “boys”.
    4. You’re right, the shared experience of the models is something many of them won’t forget, and that’s not a good thing. Many of us do things when we’re young, but porn is permanent. With PC’s and DVD’s those sex scenes are never going to go away. Many of these young guys will be haunted with what they’ve done for years to come.

  • Christopher

    I have got to meet Brent a few times in the past months. He is a far more interesting guy then one would expect from a porn super star. I went to The premier of “Another Gay Sequel” where Brent had a small role of playing Stan the Merman and i had a chance to speak briefly with him and the Beautiful Latin guy (special someone) who he has been together with for several months. His name is Paul a very well known San diego stud. We know Grant roy a man 21 years older than Brent was never Brent’s ideal partner for image in the adult industry!

  • Daniel

    A special someone? Since when is anyone in Brent’s life special? He drains boys of their purity and sends them on their way. I feel sorry for you “special someone”. In reading Brent’s blog he seem’s to be supported by this Grant Roy who can barely get by himself. Maybe that’s why these so called business partners piggy back along on Dink Flamingo! This white trash porn company is barely scrapping by. Brent, you don’t have to tell us to open our eye’s. Believe me all of us have seen you from every angle. There is nothing new that you have said here. Bottom line is ..YOU DO PORN! An 18 year old that’s f**king you may look up to you b/c he is getting what he wants, but to the mature world a ROLE MODEL you will never be! As far as your shameless lifestyle goes, i’m sure i am not the only one who hopes you give it up soon. Take your average boyish looks and go earn a dollar the way a true american should.

  • Boy watcher

    I cannot believe so many people have commented on this crap! Now here i am doing the same. Mr. Grant , how old are you? mid 40’s i assume! Have you ever been in love? I’m sure you don’t know the difference from love to lust do you? I don’t know Brent but i am sure he was a good kid before he met you. He had a chance to escape a world of shame but you relentlessly dragged him into your own selfish desire! I have read in past months that Brent says he and his business partner (Grant) have grown apart. Brent why don’t you make it clear as to what that means? Reveal your special someone if he is so “special”? Also what could you hold that is so sacred with this person? Shouldn’t sex be sacred? One last question for you Brent. When you lose your boyish looks as you surely will, what will become of you? Hold onto your special someone as i’m sure Mr.Grant will be to old to even take off his own underwear soon. We know your love for life.. “Just the SEX” right Brent?

  • Bill

    Brent is in porn. It’s not rocket science; you have sex on film. He had a bad upbringing, got into porn, and instead of getting out of that dysfunctional life, he stays there for the money and “fame” that goes with it. It’s sad that young guys are looking up to him, and now he’s the predator for young guys, in the same way that older men were the predators when he was young. He’ll probably still be doing this when he’s 40, and having sex with naive 18 year old’s. As far as his personal life goes, the guy he’s involved with now will most likely not be the guy he’s involved with in a few months. Gay relationships rarely last a year, and for people in porn, even less.

  • Boy watcher

    There is no “fame” in porn! FAME is a word you use for Brad Pitt or Paris Hilton. I don’t think Brent prey’s on young boys for his own desire of sexual fulfillment but only to make another buck. It’s obvious he likes older men, but when these older men have no more appeal and are washed up you become a GRANT ROY, abused by a child and left lonely forever! Although you should be smart enough NOT to fall in love with an evil porn boy if you’re 40 something years old. Oh, and Christopher from above, if this “very well known San Diego stud” is so well known, is that why Brent is with him? To gain more attention because this guy “Paul” is attractive and connected in the community Brent lives in. Brent if this “special someone” is so special, then you should come out and show everyone that you really do have a heart. Brent Tell us something good about your life rather than us reading that dreadful blog of yours where you tell of your so everlasting and sickening lifestyle with Grant Roy and johnny Rockey. At least johnny Rocket is somewhat cute. Maybe you should consider fucking him when you’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel for boys. Oh wait! That’s Grant’s job to reel the boys in and corrupt them right Brent? Then it’s your turn to taint them and send them on their way.

  • Panthera

    Gawd you guys are pathetic. Enough with the flaming and firing and venomous comments. You ought to be a shame of yourself. Brent is just a human being like us. Everybody makes mistakes. He had worked hard up until now and should be appreciated for all of his hard works and not by taking him down with your intense hateful and venomous comments. Sheesh.

  • Bill

    Yes, he has worked hard, real hard, with a hard on. The dude makes nasty porn. He’s in it for the money and fame, but if he were smart he’d get out of it. He comes from dysfunction, and now involved with this murder scandal and whatnot cannot help an already troubled person. It’s really sad what goes on in porn. They break you down. You say you don’t want to do something, and they offer you a little more money, so you give in and do it. Eventually you’re doing more and more bizarre things, things you never even imagined doing. And it’s all for the almighty dollar.

  • Blue Star

    Role model? Break into mainstream??? Yeah right. What kind of role model teaches their proteges to flake sickeningly into the lime light???? The superficiality of porn makes a sickening foil to burst into fame and fortune which is equally if not more toxic.

    Brent is evil. I don’t care what his up-bringing was like he shamelessly displays his transparent soul as well as his body from every angle. My god I’d be embarrassed to be related to him. People who knew him.

    Brent is nasty and 20 years from now he will have a lot of reflecting to do.

  • Machinau

    I know that Brent is a little over-exposed. Maybe it’s just something he likes to do.

  • Lawrence

    I’m happy to post my opinion that has nothing to do with health care, American politics, liberal vs. conservative (on a GAY site no less…Albert, you’ve got balls), or barebacking.

    I must be one of the few gay men in America that has a healthy sexual appetite, am not at all judgmental about people’s sexual proclivities or desires, and I absolutely cannot stand Brent Corrigan.

    He is over-exposed, over-sexed, and has one of the worst vacant-look faces on God’s green earth. If he were a model, I would understand how his single facial expression might fit in well for pictures in GQ. But he’s in porn, where fake emotions have helped lonely men achieve ejaculation since 8mm films.

    If a big dick is his only appeal, there are so many others to worship…can we PLEASE move off of Mr. Corrigan?

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