Brent Corrigan Sits Down With Queerty

I sat down (over google chat) with San Diego’s Brent Corrigan, the 21 year-old adult film star who made his first “adult” film at 16. Corrigan made headlines with his involvement in the murder investigation of porn director Bryan Kocis, which has been written about in Out Magazine and Rolling Stone. Brent and I chatted about his work, from Another Gay Sequel to the launch of his new website, his feelings on Barack Obama, and the fight to reject Proposition Eight. The interview is below the fold, along with a bonus gallery.

Brent is keeping himself busy lately. “I’m in pre-production for two major adult productions. I’m gearing up to a mainstream film called Judas Kiss sometime this fall/winter. I just finished directing and writing a project for Dink Flamingo at Dirty Bird Pictures, starring Devon Moss (a newcomer in my industry).”

The Devon Moss project marks a big step into Brent’s transition into directing. “Before I ever entered the adult genre, I had grand designs to become a director or creative director on movies. Sure, I’m doing adult projects but I like to think it’s a good place to sharpen and hone myself because the stakes are smaller and I can afford to implement a healthy learning curve.” He added, “It’s not a “DO or DIE scenario.” He has ideas for mainstream films, including a sexy gay comedy about three friends at a birthday party. “It’s a comedy that pokes fun at how frivolous much of today’s gay generation is.”

As an actor, Brent is also attached to a Judas Kiss, a gay sci-fi film that’s currently in pre-production. “It also has some harsh social themes to it that may make a few people squirm but it’s real, despite some of the sci-fi components to it.” The film has a slick website and fun production photos.

Although he’s excited about his future in mainstream acting, he’s disappointed by the critical reception of his recent film Another Gay Sequel. “To me, the film is very cute and highly entertaining! I love the characters that were written into it.  It’s a campy comedy that is meant to be silly.  So when I read bad reviews, I just wonder what the critic is like in real life.  I think that everyone needs to lighten up a little and pull whatever blunt object they’ve got jammed up their ass – out.” Corrigan said. The critical reception didn’t bother him in the end, “Shooting AGS was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I’ve made some of the strongest, purest connections there with some of the actors.  I consider Will Wikle, Jonah Blechman and Aaron Michael Davies great friends of mine.”

Brent is a frequent blogger, but has had major ownership issues with his websites. He lost his first domain after a legal fight with former business partner Lee Bergeron. “I did not have any control over that situation and the best I could do was cut my losses and move on.” Brent said. His new site is being redesigned over the next several months.

Brent doesn’t just use his website for business. Brent has been active in the fight against Proposition 8 and has asked people on his website to donate and sign petitions. He told me he was out campaigning against the measure just the other day.

He’s also an Obama Supporter, “If anyone voting for McCain believes that he isn’t going to be more of the same of what Bush has brought us, then they are delusional.” he said. But he’s skeptical of real change, “I’m just starting to worry that it’s going to be damn near impossible for anyone to pull us out of the hole Bush has condemned us to.”

For the Kocis murder trial, Brent will testify “to verify my involvement in the sting operation.” Brent helped the FBI catch his killers by wearing a wire. He’s “very much looking forward” to it all being over. The year of the investigation (covered in the Out article at length) was “fraught with uncertainty and a sense of distrust that the authorities involved were going to do the right thing.”

Outside of this interview I’ve had the chance to spend real time with Brent, during the filming of a short musical Didn’t This Used To Be Fun, which I directed, premiering Spring ’09. He was nicer guy than I’d imagined. More genuine than you’d expect.

For now Brent’s looking for new roles, new models for his website, and waiting anxiously for the release of Milk, where he has a small speaking part. He’s also spending time with someone special. But, he doesn’t like to talk about it, “I mean, I already do everything else on camera. Can I not keep some things sacred?” Sure Brent, you’ve exposed yourself enough.

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(Editor’s Note: This is my (Ryan J. Davis) last post as guest editor at Queerty. Andrew’s voice will be the next you hear. Thanks for a great week and keep in touch.)