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Brent Corrigan Successfully Rebuts ‘Greedy’ Reputation

Brent Corrigan, known to his mother as Sean Lockhart, was not disinvited from a Yale speaking gig because he was one of these rentboys who kept demanding more money after the deal was in place, according to a Yale Daily News update. Rather, organizers at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender Cooperative were really just scared the former bareback performer was gonna stir shit up.

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  • Glasser

    Well of course, stirring up shit IS his job. They got it right.

  • OhYeah

    This kid is bad news wherever he goes…

  • Fitz

    @OhYeah: I could handle some bad news. How much is he?

  • Kevin

    OMG, Brent is so hot! What a cutie! I am so glad you featured him, Queerty, because he is a real babe and I didn’t know his name before this. I’m now a member of his website (the real one) and i’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of his porn DVDs I ordered! While i’m a little confused about the flavor of your posts about him, I encourage you to continue featuring him often so that everyone else learns who this sweet, young, mature and thoughtful stud is. YOU HELPED MAKE THIS POSSIBLE, QUEERTY! Oh, and if you could make every *other* post about Davey-Wavey, that would be ducky too.

  • Sacramento

    I just want that 7up swimsuit…

  • Captain Save-a-Ho

    He looks like a plucked weasel.

  • Jared

    He may not be greedy every time, but he is greedier than he should be.

    Lockhart is the smartest gay porn star out there. If he were slightly more aware of his surroundings, he might consider volunteering some time to speak at engagements or voluntarily show up at more AIDS fundraisers.

    Unlike any of the other gay porn stars, this one’s got a brain. He’s got to make money like the rest of us, but he shouldn’t let that prevent him from doing some good.

  • jsmith

    @Kevin: It’s really not that serious. Part of me thinks you are actually Brent Corrigan posting. Either way I want you to relax

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    The man looks hot in 7 up gear. I know for a fact that one company won’t rehire him for sh*t pulled.

    More Brent –

  • Giovanni

    The quest for legitimacy for most of us is taxing , but for porn actors with a eye on the future, it must be positively exhausting.

  • Hilarious

    What’s so special about him? He looks like Zach Efron. Ick.

  • B

    No. 7 · Jared wrote, “He may not be greedy every time, but he is greedier than he should be.”

    Given the reports of various people who were in porn productions a long time ago who subsequently had trouble finding jobs or were fired when employers learned about their past activities, the people who appear in these films probably should be paid a lot more – at the owners’ expense.

  • Creek

    As usual it’s about hate; not about the merits of the story. Querrty, your cut line assumes greed. Where’s the subtance?

  • BlogShag

    @Hilarious: What’s hot about him? Are you serious? For one, he has a huge beautiful cock. He’s not too tall, not too short. He has a tight flexible athletic build with very little hair on his body. And he’s quite good in bed, if you’ve ever seen his performances. He also has luscious full lips to kiss. I agree, he’s become quite overexposed, but that’s because he’s an uber slut. I don’t think there is anyone he hasn’t fucked

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