Throuple Trouble

Brent Everett’s Real-Life “Throuple” Relationship Inspired A Romance Novel

unnamed-2At Washington D.C.’s JR’s Bar & Grill this week, adult film star Brent Everett and his husband/manager Steve Pena made a sold-0ut appearance.
Everett, looking every bit the sex icon he is, was Skyped in on the big screen, since the Canadian citizen is currently unable to visit states because of a tricky immigration issue.
Also in the flesh was Everett and Pena’s mutual boyfriend Jayson Smith (a popular JR’s bartender). The throuple (yes, there is such a term) took turns recounting graphic sex scenes live from Drunk in Love, the romance novel based, ahem, loosely on their lives. (The author, Olivia Black, also appeared via Skype.)

Oh, and did we mention that Brent and Steve’s characters are shapeshifting wolves? Can’t make this stuff up.

In this industry, successful longterm couples might seem a rarity. So you’d think throuple would be next to impossible. Celebrated by some, trashed by others, dismissed as a mere publicity stunt, the three brushed off the criticism, saying they just want to make great entertainment for the male masses (and more than a few ladies, we suspect). They’ve been together 18 months now, probably longer than Mike Pence‘s presidential aspirations lasted, so they must be on to something.

Brent and Steve say they have no plans to slow down their presence online, on film and in the written word, further fueling the speculation that someday Jayson will officially join the family business.
For your viewing pleasure, we bring you very rare PG-13 images of perhaps the world’s most famous male throuple…