parental rivalry

Brett Berks’ Mom Has Tried Out-Gaying Him All His Life. Today, She Conquered


Brett Berk, a child consumer research consultant and author of The Gay Uncle’s Guide to Parenting, was fine when his mother Donna Barnett, a jewelry designer, started dating women. After all, when Brett came out to mom, there was no tension or negativity; just a comment about how she used to have crushes on her female teachers. Then Donna managed to “out-gay” her own fagala son, taking up with a Tony nominee, planning a wedding (which Brett and his partner didn’t want for themselves), and going overboard with the PDA, and Brett wasn’t too pleased about the encroachment on homosexuality. And then mama had to go and get her photo plastered in today’s New York Timeskissing Broadway vet and girlfriend Terri White, who stars in Finian’s Rainbow.

Sorry, kiddo: Mama is officially gayer.

Says Brett: “Way to go moms.”