Brett Ratner Doing More Penance For Gay Slur By Judging GLSEN PSAs With Tom Ford

Saying rehearsal is “for fags” lost Hollywood producer Brett Ratner the Oscars gig, but now he’s getting him some pro bono work: first, a GLAAD PSA campaign where “celebrities and politicians ‘come out of the closet’ as supporters of equality,” and now will be judging a GLSEN video campaign.

Ratner will team up with fashion design-turned-artsy film director Tom Ford to judge user-submitted videos for their “Think Before You Speak” campaign, which asks teens not to use homophobic slurs or phrases like “that’s so gay.” Aspiring filmmakers can enter the contest here.

“I am honored to be part of this campaign for GLSEN, helping to educate audiences on the power of words and their impact,” said Brett Ratner. “These PSAs are the perfect creative platform to encourage individuality and increase awareness, and I am excited to watch them.”

We guess Brett wouldn’t say apologies are for fags now, would he?