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Brian Jordan Alvarez accused of catfishing for sending his own pics… again

Actor Brian Jordan Alvarez can’t get a break… at least not when it comes to dating. The actor has been accused of catfishing on Grindr yet again. This time for sending real pictures of his actual self.

Alvarez took to Twitter and Instagram to share his frustrations, along with a screenshot of his latest Grindr chat. When accused of being an impostor, he at least had a witty retort: “I just think he is a great actor. I hope he wins an Oscar one day.”

(We hope so, too!)

“It’s called manifesting, people!” Alvarez said in an Instagram post of the same screenshot.

This isn’t the first time the Will & Grace actor has been accused of not being himself. Last month, he shared screenshots of a similar Grindr chat, albeit one that got a bit more heated.

“Met the love of my life today,” Alvarez tweeted at the time.

“Obviously Brian Jordan Alvarez isn’t on Grindr,” Twitter user Scott Gosnell said at the time. “He just snaps his fingers and hot boys hurl themselves through his open window. Duh.”

“PLEASE turn this into a novel,” user Philoween Thrills requested. “PLEASE. Or a dramatic reading. I will Venmo you the cost to adapt this. Just give me producer credit!”

It seems like Alvarez’s Grindr stories easily could turn into some kind of performance piece. We’re just wondering when he’s going to share the pictures he’s been sending the guys…

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