The Queerty Interview

Brian Jordan Alvarez on his ‘Will & Grace’ debut and his unstoppable YouTube channel

Brian Jordan Alvarez has been busy af.

On Thursday night he guest starred on the season finale of Will & Grace, a triumph that was built on years of putting his creativity out there on YouTube. More success is sure to follow.

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Speaking of YouTube, his channel has released eleven new skethes in the last two weeks, though he never sacrifices quality for quantitiy.

We caught up with Brian to ask about recent work, as well as what’s in store for this versatile performer and filmmaker.

Queerty: OK first the big gay elephant in the room. How did you get cast on Will & Grace and what was it like to work on such an iconic show?

Brian: I got cast by the queen of the world herself, Julie Ashton, then had an amazing session with Max [Mutchnick] and David [Kohan] who created the show before getting the official call. It all happened really fast.

Did the cast and crew treat you well?

Literally a dream come true. I have never been on a kinder, more positive set.

There have got to be so many moving parts to a sitcom like W&G — did anything surprise you about how the show is run from script to screen?

I was surprised at how much they really take from the live audience. They really care whether people are laughing, which is why the jokes are so funny. Also Sean Hayes is such a master and was very helpful anytime I got confused about technical stuff. There are a lot of cameras on you and the blocking has to be very exact.

Your sketches these days are giving us faux pas fever dream through-the-looking-glass realness, and you’ve been prolific lately! Tell us about your process — did you just make a list of every awkward situation life has to offer and start powering through them?

[Laughs] I was just getting a little antsy and hadn’t put anything up in a while. Steph and I are always riffing on jokes and situations, so these came out of that.

Stephanie Koenig, who appears in many of your videos, is a genius. There, we said it. How did you two start working together?

She is the genius. I’m so glad you agree. I’m her biggest fan. We met on a student film that we were acting in five years ago. We made each other laugh the whole night and vowed to be friends forever. And it happened!

You’ve worked on some longer-form projects together as well. Stupid Idiots, her web series that you both star in, was recently acquired by Paramount for a TV adaptation. What’s the update on that?

Stupid Idiots is shooting a pilot for Comedy Central in the coming months. I am thrilled.

And your web series, The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, is also one of our all-time favorites. Any chance of getting more episodes?

No plans for now but the future is a wide and beautiful place!

Clearly you’re not just talented, you’re extremely hard working. It’s been really amazing to see all that work get noticed more and more. What’s next for you?

You are so kind! I’ve been doing more standup, and am enjoying that a lot. Honestly… my dream is to be interviewed on Kimmel soon! Maybe Estefan Gloria on Will & Grace will make enough of an impact to get me onto my favorite talk show. Which is Kimmel y’all.

Scorll down to check out some more of Brian’s recent videos, and follow him on YouTube to stay in the loop: