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Brian Jordan Alvarez’s latest project explores modern gay life and it’s stunning

We’ve fallen head-over-heels for Brian Jordan Alvarez through his prolific YouTube account, and by God, this time he really delivers.

In How to be a Slut in America — Part 1, Brian trades in the absurd humor (that he excels at, btw) for a vulnerability you won’t find often.

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Maybe you won’t relate to this as heavily as we did, but this portrait of queer life is powerful in it’s own right.

Head over to Brian’s YouTube page to check it out. (NSFW)

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  • smartguyd

    Don’t be coy about it, you get to see his butt and soft dick.

    • woodroad34

      And that’s the only good thing about this ranting of an immature child/man.

    • Knight

      “Good” thing? Maybe if he was wearing a bag over his head so as not to spoil the fantasy.

  • NateOcean

    I’ll have to watch this later.

    Just fast forward to 12:30

    • woodroad34

      Thanks. Don’t worry about the rest of it. You just watched the best part.

  • justyouandi

    GREAT dick!!!! He’s hangin’ PROUD!

    • ProfessorMoriarty

      Indeed. Yowsa!

  • Minerva Pomerantz

    It is nice to see that even plain, unattractive gay men with minimal personality can consider themselves sluts. Delightfully tedious.

    • ProfessorMoriarty

      Uh huh, and you’re one to judge, being one of God’s gifts to gay men, amirite?

      Pu. Uh. Lease. Brian’s is adorable, smart, and HOT.

    • Knight

      “Professor” you’re entitled to your tastes. But frankly, if Brian is on your radar as adorable, then that just speaks to the caliber of guys you are able to get with (or “aren’t” to be more specific). He’s a 5 in the gay world (and a 3 in WeHo).

  • gymnofrater

    Sometimes you ‘get’ a movie. This movie really ‘gets’ me. And it’s well done. And compelling for reasons other than the nudity and the (very mild) sex.

  • silveroracle

    Can’t show video.

    • Knight


  • ProfessorMoriarty

    The video wasn’t for me, but I appreciate Brian putting himself out there (LITERALLY, this time!) and continuously pushing the envelope–that IS how art gets made, after all. And there are obviously fans out there (and on here) for whom this video was a direct hit. He’s definitely had far more hits than misses in his still-developing career, and I eagerly look forward to his next project.

  • baal61

    k’ don’t care’ Fresno is full of this.

  • Jack Meoff

    Did anyone actually watch it all the way through?

  • FlyBy

    Stunning? Um, stunningly blasé.

  • Knight

    I saw “Slut” last night, and since then Brian has apparently gotten the memo and taken it down (so, anyone who wants to see his genitals will just have to make the trip to one of LA’s bath-houses like everyone else). While “Caleb” was at least original (and only the first episode at that), “Slut” is just a sad, last-ditch exercise in desperation and self-indulgence (here’s a hint: Hollywood doesn’t care to see full-frontal from some internet nobody with a 30-year-old body with a 50-year-old face…it doesn’t work like that). Sadly, “Slut” also reveals Brian doesn’t have any real friends (even his “hag”, Stephanie) or they would have talked him out of posting this mess (or at least editing his gratuitous nudity out).

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