Monday News Drop

Brian Sims’ 911 call, Kellyanne Conway can’t control her daughter, Jared Leto is going gay for pay

It’s Monday (again). A lot happened over the weekend. Here’s just some of what you might have missed…

KAREN-ED: Republican lawmaker calls 911 on Rep. Brian Sims for being rude to him over the phone during an argument about LGBTQ equality. [Pennsylvania Capital Star]

IDIOT: Gay Trump supporter arrested for defacing Black Lives Matter mural a second time. [LGBTQ Nation]

CLOSET DOOR BUSTDOWN: Colorado man comes out as gay… at age 90!

PIG PLAY: Naked man photographed chasing after wild boar in public park after it stole his laptop. [The Independent]

ANCIENT GRUDGE: Middle-aged man recalls being bullied by Ellen when he was 11, says she called him “chunky.” [Daily Mail]

GAY FOR PAY: Straight actor Jared Leto confirms he will play Andy Worhol in upcoming biopic.

FAMILY FEUD: Kellyanne Conway‘s anti-Trump, pro-LGBTQ daughter says her mom had her arrested for mouthing off. [GailyGrind]

WORD POLICE: William Shatner spent his weekend ranting and raving about the word “cisgender” on Twitter. [LGBTQ Nation]

TURN UP THE RADIO: Kylie Minogue drops the music video for her latest single “Say Something” off her forthcoming album Disco.

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