Is Marriage, In Fact, Under Attack?

Brian Williams Suffers Wicked, Right-Wing Slip?

NBC’s Brian Williams doesn’t write the news he reads, but perhaps he should start editing a bit. As you’ll see in this video, during which Williams discusses Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s anniversary. Money quote: “In an era when marriage is under attack, the United Kingdom is these days celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary: the longest marriage of any monarchy.”

Video-source Good As You ain’t happy about this potentially conservative slip-up, writing:

…The hyperbolic idea that this institution is being “attacked” is one that is most often associated with the far right’s anti-gay marriage campaigns. So, at best, this was bad news writing; at worst, it’s a prominent journalist and news outlet taking some irresponsible, rhetorical bait. Either way, we’re less than thrilled.

Our bet: a Fox News plant in the writer’s room. Or mind control. Or, possibly, both.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    Or maybe he just meant that 50%+ divorce rate, unwed mothers, fathers having to leave home so moms can get welfare, spousal abuse …

  • mozzer13

    He should start editing a bit, considering that is what he is paid to do. The anchors of the network evening news programs are considered the editors-in-chief of the program and largely determine the content of their own shows even if they don’t write the copy. That is an unfortunate and loaded choice of words.

    And Hell’s Kitchen Guy, if you really believe that mothers are pulling big schemes to live on the meager and limited welfare benefits we provide, you’re drinking the kool-aide.

  • ProfessorVP

    I don’t think there’s much confusion about what Williams meant. And if a heavyweight like Williams didn’t want to say it, he wouldn’t have.

  • alan brickman

    he’s always been right winged I don’t understand why nobody ever sees it…..

  • Gregg

    hells kitchen guy – none of the items you listed can be considered an “attack” on marriage. An attack would suggest that people want marriage dismantled. Your examples simply point to marital failures and weaknesses, but not “attack”.

  • hells kitchen guy

    1) He said “under attack.”
    2) I never said that welfare mother were welfare queens scamming hte system. I said the system penalizes fathers of children whose mothers are on welfare. Wow, when you’re PC you see right-wingers under every chair and behind every curtain.

  • Gregg

    HKG – why are you reiterating point #1? We all know what he said. Your examples are still not “attacks”.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Gregg- the point I’m TRYING to make is just because someone says marriage is under “attack,” that doesn’t point to gay mariage advocates. If he said the military is “under attack” does that automaticaly refer to DADT opponents? if he said Christianity is “under attack,” does that immediately refer to Jews and Muslims? If I say the beef industry is “under attack,” am i referring to PETA?

    I’m just saying that it’s a weird inference.

  • ggreen

    Brian Williams is the character William Hurt played in “Broadcast News”. Brian Williams is an idiot and a frustrated comedian (who has no sense of humor or timing). Brian Williams has his NBC Nightly News “script” vetted by General Electric to make sure none of its vast interests and holdings are harmed in the reading of the “script”. No reporting goes on at NBC Nightly News unless it’s a scandal, entertainment news or a missing white woman. Dear Brain: You reading the NBC Nightly News “script” is and attack on intelligence everywhere.

  • hells kitchen guy

    ggreen: As opposed to … Katie Couric? At least in Britain, they call them newsreaders and readily they’re not journalists, just pretty boys and girls with good diction and acting skills.

  • Jus

    I agree, I’m pretty sure the context is the marriage rate being under attack. But in today’s age, it does sound like it’s from Mike Huckabee’s playbook. I’m a journo, so I know the slip ups always sound worse than they should.

  • thegayrecluse

    Brian Williams may or may not be a “heavyweight,” but he’s definitely a robot.

  • Gregg

    hells kitchen guy – when else is the phrase “marriage is under attack” used OTHER than in reference to marriage equality? Divorce rates aren’t referred to as an “attack” on marriage. You’re giving him WAY too much slack.

    Your other examples of classifications under attack are disingenuous.

  • hells kitchen guy

    From the first few results of a Net search:

    Mass. Same-Sex Marriage Under Attack (that’s our side)

    Marriage & family under attack (about fathers walking away from traditional marriages)

    (Pro-abstinence-before marriage article)

    all I’m saying is that he did not mean it as a reference to gay marriage and that people read too much into innocuous phrases sometimes.

  • Gregg

    I just tried to post a comment, but for some reason it did not show up, so I’ll try rephrasing to avoid weird characters.

    If we’re going to get into Internet searches – doing a search for the phrase “marriage is under attack” and forcing Google to add the word “gay” yields 656 results. Forcing it to add “divorce” and avoid “gay” yields 144 results. Forcing it to add “abstinence” and avoid “gay” and “divorce” yields only 55 results.

    Not an even distribution there. It’s clear what that phrase is associated with.

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