Brideshead Date Set
You better start reviewing that well-worn copy of Brideshead Revisited, because the big screen adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel comes out on August 1st.

And, can we just say, that Matthew Goode and Ben Whishaw look positively smashing as Charles Ryder and Sebastian Flyte. Aloysius simply cannot wait!

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  • miKEM

    Absolutely, spot on.


    one of my favorite books – and i’m sure this will be one of my favorite movies

  • hells kitchen guy

    why remake what was perfect: Anthony Andrews, Jeremy Irons, Lawrence Olivier? And I love that “from the acclaimed novel” – at this point like saying “from Jane Austen’s best-seller ‘Pride and Prejudice'” or from the hit novel “War and Peace.”


  • Brandon

    I don’t know. I think Sebastian from the Miniseries was cuter. Everybody looks Burnett. They should made Sebastian blonde again for variety.

    So that girl already played this same role in “The Line of Beauty” which was a remake of “Brideshead Revisited.” I wonder how she snagged them both? Is it the same director or something?

  • Brian

    This looks so awful I can’t stand it.

  • Alex

    Line of Beauty was not a BR remake! It’s a novel in its own right, by Hollinghurst. This looks terrible – what’s up with the melodramatic music??? Sofia Coppola should have done this classic novel.

  • Jonathan

    Yuck. I loved the book and the miniseries, but this trailer is just *painful*.

  • Meeg

    Do you know Aloysius got cut from the script in this version? Also, I read that the director is focusing on Charles and Julia’s love affair in the 30’s and truncating the treatment of Charles and Sebastians relationship, and that he’s trying to make it more dramatic and less nostalgic (even though the novel is pretty nostalgic). This is so not going to be as good as the miniseries but I’m going to see it, if only to see Emma Thompson as Lady Marchmain.

    If you’re into Brideshead you might want to check out the blogpost I wrote about the new movie a while ago?

  • abelincoln

    The first red flag is that the trailer says “based on the novel” which means anything goes and apparently Aloysius was one of the first things to do that.

    At any rate it looks like it will be the most beloved movie of our generation this fall in our time during the life of this universe and all the parallel ones as well. And I’m sure it will be a movie event instead of a regular movie.

    In 30 years they will make a movie based on this movie. As they keep doing that someone will eventually make a movie of the book; like monkeys with a typewriter and Red Bull.

  • Veronica Trash

    It looks very straightforward in its depiction of the relationship between Charles and Sebastian, so I’m not complaining…yet!

  • Meeg

    Based on the trailer:
    Emma Thompson looks weird with the all white hair and it seems like maybe the screenwriter was playing a little fast and loose with the story.

  • PornographicPriestess

    Only the names of the characters and the settings appear to be based on the novel. The story sure doesn’t appear to be remotely close.

    I’ll definitely pass on this poor excuse for an “adaptation”.

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