Brilliant Inventor Working On Fleshlight Attachment For iPad

We’ve heard of interactive devices that allow you to control sex toys over the Internet, but a savvy entrepreneur is working on a new attachment that will literally allow you to have sex with your iPad. (Something many gay geeks have dreamed of, we’re sure.)

Reports UK site The Register:

The Fleshlight iPad holder comes to us from the fertile, febrile mind of prolific designer, author, recipe-creator, and opinionater Tv Slicèdbread Miller. The device—currently only in conceptual-design form—clips onto the outside of the iPad (lengthwise of course), and allows the user to pleasure himself while looking at the screen.

Presumably porn makers would leap at the chance to come up with shooting styles that enhance the illusion that the user is making love to an actual human, rather than a slab of electronics enhanced with a ribbed polymer pocket.

Interactive Life Forms, the manufacturer of the Fleshlight, tells The Reg that it’s already working on an an iPad interface. We’re sure both versions will make a big splash in the market.

UPDATE: Miller clarified that his design  “led to [ILF’s product] development, not a competing product.” 

Photos: Tv Miller, Apple, Channel 1 Releasing