Brit Wins Gay Facebook Libel Case

Mathew Firsht a happy camper. And definitely not gay.

The British businessman has been awarded £22,000 after a court agreed that former friend Grant Raphael had created a fake Facebook page and posted unsavory bits about Firsht’s so-called life:

Mr Firsht accused Mr Raphael of creating a false Facebook profile which claimed that Mr Firsht was “looking for whatever I can get” in a relationship. Mr Raphael had also signed the profile up to various groups on Facebook, including “Gay in the Wood…Borehamwood” and “Gay Jews in London'”.

The profile listed private information about Mr Firsht, including his birthday, relationship status, details of his whereabouts and activities, but also made false claims concerning his sexual orientation and political views.

Raphael denied those claims and hypothesized that other friends had created the page during a party. The judge said his take was “built on lies.”