Brit Youths Protest Anti-Gay Poland

Approximately 80 young protesters gathered outside the Polish embassy London yesterday to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia. The British Youth Council-backed, wide-eyed activists hope to counter Poland’s increasingly homophobic internal policy.

Just yesterday, Polish education minister, the monstrous Roman Giertych unveiled his proposed education reforms. These anti-queer reforms, which Giertych and his conservative boss, President Lech Kaczyński, claim will help shield the children from sinful sexuality, have been condemned by a number of European politicians.

On April 25, 2007, European Parliament called on the Polish government to end it’s anti-gay ways. According to Outrage!’s outspoken Peter Tatchell, the Polish representatives didn’t take too kindly to the political bodies needling:

Polish government ministers refused point blank to accept or debate these criticisms. The Polish delegation stormed out of the European Parliament. We are urging the UK and EU to pressure the Polish government to halt its anti-gay repression and to respect international norms of human rights. The EU and Council of Europe should threaten Poland with sanctions if it goes ahead with the new anti-gay law.

British Youth Council’s spokeswoman, 23-yera old Maeve McGoldrick echoes Tatchell’s social sentiment:

The UK has strong bi-lateral relations with Poland. We call on the UK government to take action within the EU and the Council of Europe to challenge Poland’s anti-gay policies.

Human Rights Watch has also written a petition urging the Polish government to change course. If you want to get your lend your voice, click here. In addition, the European Court of Human Rights declared Poland’s gay pride ban to be a violation of their citizen’s natural rights.

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