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Britain Greets Pope Benedict XVI With Beautiful Male Specimens Any Priest Would Love

THE SHOT — A handsome trio of men calling themselves Gaydar’s Warrior Angels protest Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain by stopping by St. Mary’s University College this morning. Notes Riazat Butt: “The Telegraph’s Martin Beckford and I were very impressed with their dedication, codpieces at that hour take, er, balls.” The pope’s visit is so miraculous, meanwhile, even Britain’s four rival gay publications — Attitude, DIVA, GT and — have come together.

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  • Blake J

    Priests are pedophiles, and not homosexuals.

    Only 2% of regressed pedophiles are homosexual!

    These guys would be too old for priests, so the title of this post (article) is not correct.

  • DTDA

    @Blake J: No, the child-molesting priests are pedophiles, but over half of priests in general are indeed homosexual.

  • Fagburn

    Are we meant to be pleased some people have tried to hijack the protests and tried to turn it into a marketing opportunity?

  • Michael

    Ambushed by wayward palmetto trees?

  • bah

    too old.

  • B

    No. 2 · DTDA wrote, “over half of priests in general are indeed homosexual.”

    … once saw an article by a gay therapist who had treated a number of priests (his explanation of the church’s sexual problems is that priests used to enter a seminary while in their early teens and the sexual repression really messed a lot of them up). Anyhow, he claimed about 1/2 of the priests are gay. The number may be biased, however, if he made the estimate based on his patients, as the ones who need therapy might differ from the general population. Even if biased, it is a large number.

    BTW, this therapist had an explanation for the high number of gay priests – in many Catholic-dominated cultures, the only acceptable excuse to not get married is to become a priest. So many gay guys who did not want to be forced into a marriage had only one viable way out.

  • BlogShag

    @Fagburn: FabBurn when you think about the kind of ridiculous hypocrisy and dichotomy that the Catholic church is and the exploitation they have perpretrated, it doesn’t seem out of character or out of line that GayDar.Com would pull this stunt at all. It’s more like Hip Hip Hoooray!


    That nasty old nazi relic is reprehensive. He met with five people who had been molested by priests in England. The overwhelming majority of persons molested have been boys. Yet the group Benedick met with consisted of four women and one man. Even in attempting to “correct the problem” this old bastard shows his true colors………….

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