Britain Is a Great Place to Be a Refugee, If You’re Not Among the 98% Told to Go Home and ‘Be Discreet’ About Your Sexuality

Refugees seeking asylum in another country to escape oppression and persecution in their homeland find the people of the United Kingdom to be the most welcoming, according to a new survey released by the non-profit Refugee Action. That’s great news for the 1 out of every 50 refugees, seeking a save haven because of their sexuality, who can even make it past Britain’s first round of hearings. Otherwise, Britain’s solution for persecution: Go home and move to another neighborhood.

Britain Tells Persecuted Foreign Gays: Stop Acting So Faggy In Your Home Country

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  • Lamar

    Britain cannot be the best place to be a refugee, I really doubt that because I live in Britain. As a matter of fact recently there was an incident where the previous Prime Minister called a woman a bigot after she talked disparigingly of immigrants and virtually every major newspaper criticized him for it. The fourth most popular party here wants to end all immigration and ship all people not “pure white” away. America seems more diverse and far more tolerant and even has a black president which is great.

  • alan brickman

    gays are refugees from countries that want to kill why does “gays for Israeli Apathied” not get this?….

  • Tallskin

    What is the situation for gay refugees like in the USA?

  • Jesse Helms

    @Tallskin: It’s not pretty in the US: about the last claim you want to make in an immigration hearing is that you seek asylum based on sexual orientation. A few cases have been approved, but they are exceptions to the norm.

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