Britain Tells Persecuted Foreign Gays: Stop Acting So Faggy In Your Home Country

The United Kingdom has been sending home gay refugees to their home countries because, officials argue, if they would just be more “discreet” about their same-sex loving, they wouldn’t be hunted down through the streets, raped, and strung up from a tree. At least two refugees disagree, and they’re heading to the Supreme Court to make their case.

Gay asylum campaigners argue that the UK frequently tells gay asylum seekers that they can return to homophobic countries if they are “discreet” or relocate. The two cases will be heard separately over three days. The Cameroonian man is appealing against a tribunal decision which could he could be sent home despite being attacked after he was seen kissing his partner. The Iranian man was told by a tribunal that he must expect persecution for his homosexuality and could avoid it by being discreet.

If only Arizona’s non-whites were given the same advice: If you just stop looking like an illegal immigrant, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

[Pink News]