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Britain’s Government Said Just 1.5% Of The County Is Gay/Bi. Now Ghana Reports The Same Thing

When Britain released the results of its Integrated Household Survey that claimed just 1.5 percent of the population is gay or bi, officials were accused of lowballing their queer count. Now comes word that Ghana’s own Integrated Household Survey, which used a sample of 100,000 citizens, has a similarly small number: One percent of Ghana, or 200,000 people, are gay members of the tribe, while 0.5 percent identify as bi. Three percent said they didn’t know or opted not to answer the question. Like Britain, the IHS is the largest population data dump after the census. Though I’m sure the number would go up if we included all of Ghana’s fake scam dating profiles.

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  • DC Guy

    Hmmm. As a frequent traveler to London, the rest of the nation must skew the obvious 40% I regularly see in town and not just in soho…

  • scribe

    gays sometimes move to areas that grant them more freedom, others might feel uneasy putting in a government paper what they do sexually. Maybe the pool was too small, or pulled from too small of geographical area…

  • Autsajder

    This kind of data is difficult to assess, as it only counts people who declared their sexuality as gay. What with all these gays in closets, still married, scared, unsure, in denial…? The more homophobic place the less gays you find through official surveys. England should be more open than Ghana, though…

  • Andrew

    If being Gay is biological it makes sense that unless extreme external factors exist (eg. San Fransisco, Chelsea) that LGBT population would be relatively stable statistically.

    Considering the former is relatively well established it makes absolutely no sense that the UK and Ghana would report similar statistics. The UK is mostly accepting of LGBT people while Ghana still persecutes them. So you would see a huge statistical discrepancy between the two. Or at least, should see one.

  • Max Campbell

    Ridiculuos. Spend these polls in Iran or Saudu Arabia! And you receive 0 % gays and bi.

  • Max Campbell

    Ridiculuos. Spend these polls in Iran or Saudi Arabia! And you receive 0 % gays and bi.

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