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British Actor Freddie Fox Can See Himself Falling In Love With A Man

freddie-fox-uk-premiere-the-three-musketeers-01I hope that I am the type of person who would fall in love with another person, as opposed to a sex. Most of my life to date has been as a straight man, but who knows what will happen next?… A lot of people will hear that and think it means, ‘Well, he’s gay and just excusing it’, or ‘He’s been with his girlfriend for a really long time and just wants to change things’… Appreciation of both sexes is actually not new; it’s incredibly old it’s Roman, it’s Greek, and it is something people can do throughout an entire lifetime, having hugely meaningful relationships, no matter what sex they are.”


— Freddie Fox, star of Russell T. Davies’ new queer drama Cucumber, in an interview with The Guardian