Govt. Investigates Para Attack...

British Army Gang Rape?

No doubt British authorities are wishing for some Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell action right about now.

Army officials are investigating accusations that six para troopers gang-raped an allegedly queer comrade last month and recorded the incident on a mobile phone. The event came to light after one soldier showed the video to his mother, who alerted military police, some of whom have called the incident “consensual”. Others, however, report that the unidentified soldier ended the night curled up in his bed crying, “Help me”.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Defense acknowledged that the event did occur, but refused to delve into the dirty details:

Those involved seemed to think it was hilarious, but most in the platoon who’ve seen the footage are sickened and appalled. An alleged incident recorded on a mobile phone is being investigated by the Royal Military Police. We are not prepared to comment on the allegations.

Not prepared or not willing?

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