British Columbia Gay Teens At Higher Risk for Unwanted Pregnancies

“A new study says lesbian, gay and bisexual teens in British Columbia are at a higher risk of becoming pregnant or causing a pregnancy than their heterosexual peers because of discrimination, sexual abuse and harassment. The authors say that these teens are more likely to take part in behaviours such as not using condoms or starting to have sex at an early age. British Columbia is the only province that tracks trends in sexual health for lesbian, gay and bisexual teens as well as heterosexual youth. McCreary Centre director Elizabeth Saewyc says the findings show that while teen pregnancies are declining, the harassment that gay, lesbian and bisexual teens face prompts them to take risks other teens may be avoiding.” [The Canadian Press]

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  • REBELComx

    So a gay boy having sex at an earlier age…with other boys, obviously…has a higher chance of becoming or getting someone else pregnant? ROFLMAO

  • Dawgson

    Seriously. This makes no sense. I believe the oppression is real but it seems like the conclusions they reach are a little odd.

    Maybe gay teens are having sex to prove to themselves they’re gay/straight? Maybe there’s a correlation between early sexual interest and non-heterosexuality. Could the sexual abuse (don’t get angry at me) have led to adopting a non-heterosexual sexual identity?

    What about STDs being transmitted due to the lack of protection? The original Canadian Press article is really vague.

  • Mouse

    This article initially confused me as well. Gay boys generally don’t go around getting prego. But I have a feeling that it is more about the fact that due to “discrimination, sexual abuse and harassment” that they are getting/causing pregnancies.

    As to Dawgson’s comment on “abuse”, I think they are talking about boys and girls who are either forced, or coerced into sexual situations they do not want, and are therefore unprepared (read no condom). This is normally not what they want, and when they are expected to perform, they often do not have the courage or opportunity to refuse.

    This is a bad combination, and can lead to…
    …get ready for it…

  • Ahem!

    Gay teens are impregnating white girls? Hmmm, perhaps they were all immaculate conceptions. On a different note, here in the US we were under the notion that the Canadians were tolerant and all that other jizz! Goes to show there is indeed no place for us. Unless, we gays band together and take over a state or an island or something. I say Hawaii–see it covers both–an island AND a state. Clever, no?

  • Chiot Moite

    I wish the editor had bothered to connect the two very distant dots here (a penis and a vagina being the to distant dots.)

  • dizzyspins

    It is a misleading post. I think maybe the study is suggesting would-be homos (male and female) are indulging in risky hetero behavior as a way of denying their inherent sexuality. I know I did.

    I lost my virginity at 15 to a girl I never met before and I didn’t wear a condom. All I cared about was that I would be the first in my group to have had sex, which would protect me from questions about my sexuality for a while. It was terribly irresponsible of me (I came inside her) but I never heard from her again. Which of course meant to my adolescent mind that everything was fine and I didnt get her knocked up. What can I say? I was 15 and it was the 80s. Im much more diligent and considerate now as an out gay man.

  • Carsen T.

    Wow were they surveying teen boys in the 51st century?

    -Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a Doctor Who, Torchwood binge since school let out.

  • Robert

    When I first read this I was like… HUH? But I get the point, but damn it’s confusing… lol

  • Leo

    So are they saying, eating pussy is risky behaviour? Damn you didnt need to have a study to tell me that. This post is confusing…

  • Alyssa W.

    There have been several similar studies done in the US, that have the same findings. Some LGBT teens are at a higher risk for pregnancy for a multitude of reasons. I work in a group home for pregnant and parenting teens and there is a very large number of them who identify as queer – far more than 1 in 10. Think of it this way – as a teen who is struggling with identity and sexuality issues, and may be facing harassment, violence, teasing, etc etc.. what’s the best way to assert heterosexuality? Get pregnant or get someone pregnant.

    So, Rebelcomx, the findings don’t really show that gay boys having sex at an earlier age are necessarily having sex with other gay boys. They’re showing that some gay boys may be having sex at an earlier age, attempting to figure themselves out, and in doing so, may be having sex with girls.

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