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UK Gay Daddies Spend $100K To Be Certain Next Baby Is A Girl

We’ve recently seen many wonderful, next-door-neighbor images of gay fathers and their children. Then there’s Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, from Essex, England. The couple already have five kids via egg donors and surrogates — 4 boys and a girl. But the millionaire dads want more more more! They have now spent over $100,000 to ensure their next child is a girl.

As reported in Britain’s Daily Mail, the couple flew to California to use IVF treatment to ensure the baby’s sex. (The treatment is not legal in Britain.) The couple used their sperm to fertilize three eggs, all of which are being carried by a surrogate mother. With the expensive and uncommon IVF treatment, the probability is high that one if not all of the triplets will be female.

Barrie and Tony already have two sets of twins, Aspen and Saffron, and Jasper and Dallas, plus a middle son, Orlando. In naming the new triplets, we suggest Liesl, Brigitta and Gretl.

These poppas love their wee ones, don’t you forget it. As Barrie told Britain’s Closer magazine:

“We can’t wait to spoil our new daughters. I want to buy them pink Prada dresses and babygros.

“We will recycle too. We are going to use Saffron’s old wicker crib from Harrods, which cost £5,000, and divide one of the £100,000 diamond necklaces she does not wear any more into individual pieces for the babies.

“And we want to decorate the nursery as a rainforest!”

“Saffron’s clothes come from every designer from Gucci and Karen Millen and she has 500 pairs of shoes.

“We spent £50,000 having her room designed like a swanky London flat with a 39-inch plasma TV and furniture from Harrods. The boys are not as bothered about clothes, but we get them the latest iPads and laptops.”

If this is how these queens talk about their own children, can you imagine the price dropping when you tour their home?

The couple first hit their beloved media spotlight in 1999, when they became Britain’s first legally recognized same-sex couple. When they had their first set of twins, Aspen and Saffron, both dad’s names we placed on their children’s birth certificates. Were they written with curly-Qs and hearts dotting the i’s?

Gay Parents: They can be as nutty as straight parents! Let’s check back in a few years and see if one of the new daughters is on Britain’s version of Toddlers and Tiaras.

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