British Diver Tom Daley Gets Anti-Gay, AIDS-Phobic Tweet From Welsh Footballer

A rude tweet from the account of Welsh footballer Daniel Thomas suggested British swimmers Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield were HIV+ lovers.

“If there is any consolation for finishing fourth at least Daley and Waterfield can go and bum each other #teamHIV,” was tweeted from Thomas’s account, @10danthomas10,

The message compounded the misery of Daley and Waterfield, who narrowly missed nabbing an Olympic medal on Monday. But Thomas, a midfielder for Port Talbot FC says he left his phone unattended and the message was sent by someone else.

Management of Port Talbot FC issued a statement saying, “both the player and club wish to apologise unreservedly to those offended and in no way condone such views.” In the meantime, Thomas’ twitter account has been suspended.

Other cruel tweets have suggested Daley let down his father, who died of brain cancer last year, by not placing. And a teenager in Weymouth was arrested after threatening to drown the 18-year-old swimmer.

Aren’t the Olympics supposed to bring people together in peace and harmony?


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  • Spike

    “…he left his phone unattended and the message was sent by someone else.”

    Wow, surprised that is the first time anyone has used that excused after getting caught sending an offensive tweet.

  • fagburn

    @Spike: Ha ha!
    Surprised he didn’t go for the Bigger Lie strategy and say his dog sent it.

  • Franco

    Shocking. An ignorant footballer! That is a terrible thing for a person to tweet. What the hell is wrong with this world?

  • I won't grow up

    “Me thinks he doth protest too much” You know what they say about those boys who like body contact sports! HMMMMMMMMMMM??????

  • jj

    Just awful, i read this morning that the teen who sent the tweet implying that daleys dead father would be ashamed was arrested. So at least this might make some other dumb people think twice before sending tweets like that.

    @i wont grow up

    Tom Daley will come out when he wants to. Hes 18 for christ sake, stop pushing him out the closet. Peter Waterfield is straight btw.

  • jj

    @I won’t grow up: Whoops ignore my last reply, i thought you were talking about tom and peter. Dan Thomas is definitely most likely a huge closet case!

  • fagburn

    @jj: Tom Daley’s troll was arrested over violent racist and death threat tweets – bit more serious than the tabloids and you suggest…

  • Ewan

    Mocking someone whose at the top of their game while you play saturday football in the WPL. Try again, you knuckle-dragging piece of shit.

  • Neo

    Agreed Ewan, Port Talbot isn’t even a decent WPL club. Daley is a success story who works hard and is clearly adept at what he does. If this bigot was talented he’d be playing in good echelons in the EPL and Championship.

    The green eyed monster, a [possibly] gay athlete acquiring worldwide acclaim whereas this is the first time 5 billion have even heard of a place called Port Talbot.

  • nineinchnail

    Tom Daley has a girlfriend. Peter Waterfield has a HOT HOT body.

  • fagburn

    @nineinchnail: And in which of the oh-so reliable tabloids did you read that Tom has a girlfriend?
    The Sun?
    The Daily Mail?
    He hasn’t said he has…

  • Christopher

    Hey, how did the Welsh footballer know that Tom and his lover Peter are the HIV positive lovers? I suppose he (a football player) must have made up the story. I suppose that the Olympic requires all atheletes whether they are the summer/winter players being required to take an HIV test, right? I guess a football player seemed to be jealous of Tom or maybe he (a football player) is gay as he has had a big crush on Tom, but Tom has a lover named Peter which has made him (a football player) very jealous. I am sure that Tom really doesn’t need the drama (or soap opera) comments, so please leave him alone. If a football player wanted Tom to respect who he is, Tom expects a football player to respect who Tom is, that is it! PLEASE LEAVE HIM ALONE. MAYBE ONE DAY HE CAN COMMITT SUICIDE HIMSELF IF THE DRAMA COMMENTS CONTINUALLY WERE FLEW INTO THE AIR! I want to see him to have his happy life for the rest of his life. PLEASE LEAVE HIM ALONE. Yes, I must admit that I already fell in love with and wanted to spend with him, but I can’t do anyway. There is nothing I can do about it since I have a boyfriend and Tom has his boyfriend.

  • Danny

    If a person is so obsessed with other folks winning that they threaten them if they don’t, then that person needs to go out and get some hobbies (and a life) of their own.

  • hf2hvit

    @nineinchnail: A girlfriend??? So what? My best bottoms were married men.

  • Macmantoo

    @nineinchnail:And I was married for 7+ years and your point is? Just because someone has a girlfriend doesn’t make them straight.

  • Tor Appelbergst

    Should be banned from any public sport for ever and do a serious number of community service, the least to say.
    Twitter+Football=brain? How can that be possible?

  • Tor Appelbergst

    Really you mean an HIV person can not compete? Are the Olympics run by the Republican GOP party or what? As long its not a contact sport who cares. I know and see very healthy acting individuals at the beach here in Canada who easy could compete in some sport. I don’t know but IF HIV+ is banned maybe its time to make a new section for this community and step it up to give them their place.

  • Michael

    Here’s hoping Daley is a total bottom…

  • pap

    The article could have gotten it right that Tom Daley is a diver and not a swimmer.

  • Sed

    Who’s this supposed girlfriend?

  • Analog

    @Sed: It’s Kassidy Cook – but the rumour that they’re a couple seems to have come from Tonya Couch, who specifically said “they’re not girlfriend-boyfriend, but they are a cute couple”.
    She’s coming to London specifically to see Tom, apparently, so who knows…

  • Cam

    So the footballer is a closet case….ok, we get it.

  • Michelle Clark

    Who cares about the sexuality of anyone? Why does it matter? Get a life!!!!

  • fagburn

    @Michelle Clark: Hadn’t really thought about it like that before – thanks for the profound insight, ‘Chelle.

  • Joe Joe

    I’ll say it’s wrong despite my opinion on homosexuality, but where is queerty when Gays and their supporters say hate towards Christians and others who aren’t a part of the “agenda”?

  • Abel Costainstien

    Joe joe eff you and your Christianity. Christianity is Fake! Your jesus doesnt exist you bible thumping nut job!

  • John

    Ha ha a footballer calling somebody else gay lol wonder how many guys he has kissed after scoring a goal lol
    And what is Tom’s sexuality got to do with him anyway!! It must be a case of jealousy if you ask me!!
    Footballer/supporters = pond life!!
    Good luck Tom and all the competitors in the diving!!

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