British Hunk’s Big Screen Debut, Robbie Williams Has A Bad Hair Day And Andrew Rannells Talks B-Way Revival

Robbie Williams shares his botched dye job, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to throw in a tasteless Bruce Jenner joke along the way.

o-AARON-570 The Walking Dead introduces a gay character named Aaron, but sorry fellas, he’s taken.

andrew-web Andrew Rannells drops a hint that he might soon be taking the stage again in the role that launched his career — Elder Price in The Book of Mormon.

trans adam levine recreation Gorgeous trans model Aydian Dowling recreates Adam Levine’s famous naked “hands” photo. Who wore it best?


Oxfords all-male acapella group Out of the Blue bares some skin for their rendition of Wham’s “Tropicana.”

taron-egerton-shirtless Kingsman: The Secret Service opens in theaters, introducing the world to the incredibly sexy Taron Egerton. Look forward to more form this British import.


Just realized I never posted a good picture of this tattoo! #ItGetsBetter

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It’s clearly gotten better for gay high school football player Dalton Leo, but will he ever regret this tattoo choice?