British Man Jailed After Shouting Homophobic Slurs At Flight Attendants

Another ugly airline incident, only this one involves gay abuse heaped on a flight attendant: John Hawkins of Merseyside, England, was on a Thomas Cook flight to the Canary Islands when the fellow in the next seat asked him to mind his language. Hawkins, who was traveling with his children, then became aggressive toward other passengers and started hurling anti-gay slurs at male cabin members.

After Hawkins, 32, was subdued, the pilot was forced to return to England, where Hawkins was arrested. Now Manchester Judge Jonathan Geake has sentenced him to eight months in prison, telling Hawkins:

“Your behaviour was grotesque, and completely outrageous. Your treatment of fellow passengers and the way you hurled offensive homophobic comments at cabin crew, and generally ranted, was inexcusable.”

We definitely think this guy should get punished, but eight months seems a little severe. Guess they don’t play around on airlines anymore.

Mr. Hawkin’s lawyer claimed his client—who’s had run-ins with the law before—was suffering from pain and reduced mobility stemming from an accident.

What, did he accidentally lodge his head up his ass?

Source: St. Helens Reporter via Pink News UK. Photo via Martin J. Galloway