British Man Sleeps With 200 Men, Finds Christ, Converts To Heterosexuality

joe-parker-people-can-change-gay-conversionThis week in Horror Stories To Keep You Awake At Night, a British man and self-professed former man whore visits a therapist to cure himself of homosexuality. Today, he is a sports fan, lover of war films, husband to a wife of eight years and a proud father.

Conversion therapy “saved his life,” you guys.

“I guess I became straight by accident,” says James Parker, former London party child and “exclusively homosexual male with no heterosexual desires whatsoever.” His harrowing account of fighting the battle against life as a depraved homosexual was published by IBT this week. He has successfully completed the Journey Into Manhood program provided by People Can Change, a “nonprofit educational organization.”

Parker, now 46, says he knew he was gay when he was 10, had unconditional support from his parents and never experienced a “tortuous or traumatic” coming out process. He moved to London when he was 18 and lived as an openly gay man — he started an LGBT group at his university and “actively preached against those who suggested that being gay was somehow a choice, or even wrong.”

He also slept with 200 men:

Eventually I settled down with a long-term boyfriend, an ex-soldier and Falklands vet, and we considered going abroad to marry – or at least have a civil-partnership. But around this time I made the decision to enter a relationship with Christ, which allowed me to examine my life more deeply.

I realised I had some issues, centring on commitment. I discovered I had a deep-rooted fear of rejection, I was too anxious, and I used people. I had an innate fear of men – not of their homophobia, but the real thing: a chasm between me and the normal heterosexual male (Kinsey’s so-called number ones).

For Christ’s sake! Literally:

I eventually came to realise that as a boy I had failed to interact with other men on any significant level. I had perceived myself to be rejected by men even as a small boy and had made an inner vow never to deeply trust them. People had reached out to me and I had spurned them, including my father and two older brothers. No wonder men had become a mystery to me and even an obsession by my teens, when I began erotically craving men and feeding this through porn.

I also realised I had thrown myself wholeheartedly into a world of the feminine, with no masculine counter-balance, yet I despised women for having the natural ability to woo every aspect of a heterosexual man, which I could not do. I discovered that my natural place was not among women.

A lot of core behaviours were challenged – my looks, my body, my walk – and my therapist challenged me to look at where I wasn’t like other men, and where I was. The therapist began to work on things like my voice and my gait – he was giving me permission to think in a different way, to do things differently.

“I was never truly gay,” Parker concludes, after years of torture gay conversion therapy. He now claims touching a woman’s hair is an enjoyable activity, and loves “team sports” and Saving Private Ryan, “because it’s about brotherhood and deep male friendships.”

Inspiring story, James. Really. I only wish there were an easier way for men to experience the strong male bonds that occur in your favorite war films.

Oh wait. There’s Grindr.

You can see more from the Journey Into Manhood program below. If you’re looking to fall out of your chair laughing, fast-forward to 4:11:

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  • jazz4108

    What a crock of $hit. You cant change who you are unless you are lying to yourself or deep down depressing your feelings which is no way to live. If he is truly hetro then he most likley was just a whore for the money and the story falsified to make the program sound like its not a batch of crap in a toilet which it most certainly is.

  • Faulk

    We live just once and you decide to deny and hate yourself? This is just really sad and in future we are going to find most of these guys again on Grindr, by coincidence, but by than, families are going to be destroyed, they will go back again to “therapy” and they will tell us again how Jesus, or whoever, saved them again…

    There is no better feeling than to fully accept who you are and to love you for you.

  • jazz4108

    @Faulk: amen could not agree more.

  • Billy Budd

    I don’t buy it. He is living an illusion. The Jesus dellusion. I feel sorry for this guy.

  • B Damion

    Hey…some people just hate being gay. I can understand how he feels. It’s not an easy life. Sometimes I wish I were str8. And then the other times i’m glad to be gay. lol. I’m weird. Sorry.

  • NG22

    I want to face fuck the bald one so he’ll shut the hell up. If he opens wider, I don’t think the ‘therapy’ will have worked.

    This is the only ‘rehab facility’ where I encourage all participants to get off the wagon. Sane people should infiltrate this shit show to completely undermine the work they’re doing.

  • Stache99

    You know I actually read that with an open mind. I’m like good for him. Whatever, makes you happy. Then of coarse the predictable mention of finding religion and I’m like fuck. For once I’d just like to see someone find themselves without a cult telling them how fucked up they are and how they need to change.

    I tried to even plug myself into that. I definitely don’t despise women and have two best friends who are straight and male. If that is the case (which I doubt) it has nothing to do with him being gay though.

  • Billy Budd

    Prostitutes of both sexes (actually three sexes) turning into religious fanatics later in life is a VERY COMMON thing. These people always believed in (no, they actually FEARED) God, and then try to save themselves after a period of great “sin”. I have met many cleaning women who were prostitutes early in life and became radical Baptists when they retired from their activities.

    They are just trying to save their asses, because they believe there is a hell.

    We should just feel sorry for these people. They are silly and scared. They are lambs.

  • Stache99

    Also, you ever notice that these conversion groups are all men. Wouldn’t that speak more of society at large then they themselves?

    The only victims in my mind though are the women these gay men use to make believe that their straight. Eventually, it gets to be too much and they’ll have DL liaisons. Just look on Craigslist. It’s full of them.

  • Merv

    Not only does he like touching women’s hair, he likes braiding it.

  • FitChicago

    Goodness I thought this article was going to be about Benny Hill…

  • Stache99


  • Stefano

    @Cam : “If they ever want people to believe their B.S. they should change the script once in a while.” (Good one ! )But “they” found “Jésus” and you know how Jesus is a cure for everything ! LOL

  • Stache99

    @FitChicago: Not sure where you got that and don’t insult Benny Hill.

  • milchman99

    Society is having serious growing pains, queer society too. I didn’t watch the video, but just reading the highlighted individual’s statements from the article I took an important point away. Sex can be an addiction like anything else can, like porn, like jellybeans, but that doesn’t make the thing horrid in itself. I like the thought the gentleman has about why he is so drawn to frequent sexual encounters. That bit seems like it might ring true, because just as overly macho behavior is generally a sign of playacting of a psychological sort, so can feminine behavior be a form of play acting to fit in to a certain mind set. I’m not knocking guys that are naturally either, but I am left to wonder what our world will look like when sexism is gone, and sexual development in children is not a socially pressurized issue. I have always felt that my homosexuality was inherent in my spirit, but I will say that there was an element in my own period of sexual prolificacy of searching for something in my sexual interactions that I could never seem to find completely. I’m not knocking it, I actually turned it into an inward sort of spiritual experience, and gained a lot of personal growth from it. I will say though that I feel no need to “find Jesus”, become a formalized Christian of any sort, or renounce that I am a homosexual male. Finding the “Christ” in me is not a journey of denial of who I really am, or an argument against the legitimacy of homosexuality in humans. As a warning though, it is not weakness but strength that allows us to see the good points in someone else’s experience, even if ultimately following their path seems like betrayal to us. I admit that on some level I fear this conversion therapy, because I somehow feel it is just about swallowing who you really are, and play acting again. If we can assimilate the part of that process that brings our community closer to an ability to put down stereotypes, and pick up our own truths then we win. This doesn’t mean that we will lose our butch and our nelly, it simply means that we will learn within our community to accept all unthreatened by who they really are at their core, and perhaps learn to be a more supportive community on an interpersonal level.

  • Stefano

    @milchman : what is the good points of his expérience ?

  • queerbec

    How do we even know this jerk’s story is true? Has anyone investigated his claims that he slept with 200+ men? Is anyone following his online behavior now? I question a lot of these stories about ex-gays, and wish we had the resources to truly investigate their claims and report on the results.

  • mtrav

    This hysterically funny. Maybe the kochheads paid it to come up with its story. ROFLMFAO! You sure it was only 200?

  • SteveDenver

    I slept with 1000 women, married 10 of them in a polygamist compound, fathered 29 children, and then I slept with my first man and gave it all up.

  • mtrav

    @Cam: found Christ on drugs, happens all the time.

  • mtrav

    found Christ on drugs, happens all the time.

  • mtrav

    did michelle batshits husband go to this “weekend” to change?

  • RomanHans

    Interesting. Now, tell us the name of that therapist, because anybody who tries to change your speech and your walk because they’re too feminine shouldn’t have a license to talk to ANYBODY.

  • mtrav

    that commercial is hysterically funny.

  • mtrav

    @queerbec: don’t worry, if you’re really gay, you don’t turn “ex-gay”, ever. You are what you were born.

  • barkomatic

    I’m always suspicious of people who claim to have some personal relationship and conversations with a man who died over two thousand years ago.

  • Saralikesyarr

    Did anybody besides me, get a seriously gay impression off of the “therapist” guy?

    So the therapist, thinks it’s not ok to be gay, so he starts a practice, that ensures he can see and talk to as many other gay men as he wants, and they will come to him…

    “Oh, but we’re just talking… It’s part of the therapy…”

  • mcflyer54

    “I guess I was never really gay”.

    That line says it all for me. Nope, James was never really gay so finding Christ didn’t convert him to heterosexuality. James was simply using gay men for his own sexual gratification because he was too immature to establish sexual relationship with a female. It was easier for him to engage in impersonal male/male sex because he didn’t believe he deserved and/or he could maintain a male/female relationship. So his really isn’t a story about sexual identity conversion it is about finally being able to establish and maintain a male/female relationship that he always felt was unobtainable. This same story (in reverse) happens to gay people all the time – they hide in artificial heterosexual relationships (and marriages) until they finally become mature enough to acknowledge their true sexual identify.

  • Randal Oulton

    A bunch of them need to get their asses to another group, and that would be called Weight Watchers.

  • derek mcgillicuddy

    Poor wife: we all know this won’t end well. He’s certainly cheating on her already. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  • HirsuteOne

    This guy reminds me of the old SNL Gilda Radner character, Roseanne Roseannadanna. She would go off on wild, ranting tangents and then when interrupted with a bit if info that made her point moot, would respond with “never-mind”.

  • jmi2

    i’d really like to hear from the “long-term partner” & find out what his take is on this.

    this is all too pat, also. it hits all of the correct conversion point arguments the charlatans use. really fishy………

  • GlitterKidder

    So you’re telling me he doesn’t get that itch on his prostate? Please! Let’s check under his “wife’s” finger nails for clues!

  • jmac

    Lets have a weekend retreat all men hugging and trying to be real men!!!
    Then later that night in the room fcuk like mad.Next morning shout I’m a man.Good excuse for an orgy i think

  • DarthKitsune

    Stories like this piss me off, because it gives the anti-gay bigots more ammunition. “See this man can change with the Jeebus, so can you!” I’m sorry that this man actually believes the tripe he’s spouting, and I hope he gets some real help because it sounds like he had a mental crisis and fell into the hands of the wrong people who twisted his psyche and have turned this man into a mockery of a happy person.

  • seaguy

    Freak of the week!

  • StucknTx

    How can he claim he’s not gay when he admits that he’s in a relationship with Jesus? Oh wait, that’s just a fairy tale, too.

  • Ogre Magi

    Jesus was an delusional jerk, and 2000 later his fan club carries on that proud tradition

  • Gordon

    Spare me!

  • CoachS

    So… for the record: I like team sports. I like war movies. I drink my whiskey straight up. I drive fast and own a Suburban. I don’t like decorating. I also do not like banging on drums and wearing vaguely religious necklaces. Does that mean I have been touched by Jeebus and need to stop having sex with other guys?

  • Mezaien

    His problem! he didn`t had sex with me yet!!.

  • Jake357

    Ugh! Been there, dated that. Guys like this are emotional black holes, which is prolly why he reached the 200 mark so easily.

  • pedrofcuk

    “appears mental”

    I have to say I went straight for a while but repressing my basic nature was a huge mistake and it all came out in the end, I lost my marriage but now I have met my life partner so it’s all good. This guy is deluding himself if he thinks he’s cured. The things he says are bullshit, his therpaist has made him appear mental.

  • chillbrutha82

    1. “…touching a woman’s hair is an enjoyable activity…”
    (We know. Just ask any gay hair and makeup artist)

    2. “… [he] loves team sports…”
    (So do men who participate in gay rugby, softball, and soccer leagues)

    3. He likes to watch Saving Private Ryan
    (Of course he does! Matt Damon is a hottie!)

  • Ruhlmann

    Does balls deep into a man count as a deep male friendship? If I want to try this do I have to go through 200 men? Cause I’m halfway there and it’s the weekend. What a bunch of fucken assholes.

  • marks2000

    Too funny. It is totally impossible to change sexual orientation that forms in forth month pregnancy. That is set for LIFE. One can lie about it to self and or others and one can have sex gay or straight but means nothing and one can be bi and decided to change from going with just same sex to opposite if they want but this guy is gay and just gone nuts on religion without a dictionary so he has no clue ABOMINATION is not in the bible since a new word from 1350 AD and if one used a dictionary they could change the bible to two pages long because the bible is invented man-made BS! Sorry folks just the truth there.

    The guy in question is cute and nice buns on him. I sure would be interested and bet he could not resist me lol

  • jmmartin

    @Merv: He should become a hair dresser: “It takes a fairy to make something pretty.” Emory, in Mart Crowley’s play, The Boys in the Band..

  • NateOcean

    Well if he only slept with 200 men, I’d say he hardly gave being gay an honest try.

  • money718

    Why when people get old, unattractive, not the life of the party anymore…they suddenly find Christ? Such BS and really played.

  • esemple

    He found Christ. WHERE???

  • lykeitiz

    @Stache99: You couldn’t be more correct!

  • lykeitiz

    Jesus never mentioned homosexuality even once in the Bible. He’s going to have to get up on the cross again for all the blame he gets for crap like this.

  • dre23222



    LOL Also Im laughing at myself thinking is 200 a lot? lol lmao!!

  • JonahM01

    One really must have compassion for these men. How sad that they have spent so much time and energy trying to be something they are not; so much of a life wasted, disliking who they are.

  • BGinBigD

    Isn’t it odd how these so called “former homosexuals” feel the need to touch and caress each other in the video and stand in a circle(jerk)??? Wonder how many of their dicks are hard!

  • etseq

    Who publishes the “International Business Times”? Is it a Murdoch or Moonie rag? It wasn’t even a feature or a profile story – it was just an opportunity for the guy to write a essay pushing ex-gay therapy? Somethings not right here…

  • etseq

    I just googled IBT and what do you know…a story ran a few days ago about the new owners of Newsweek being religious nuts who supported ex-gay therapy. Suddenly, the publish an advertorial in their other media property IBT pushing the same…

  • Billysees


    Best comment I think — “… so much of a life wasted, disliking who they are.”

    I can’t imagine why it is so hard to accept oneself. My early teen experience with my Christian faith somehow enabled me to accept my gayness and I’ve been a happy camper about the matter ever since.

  • JJinAus

    @B Damion: Really? Your life must be vastly different from mine. If somebody put a pill and a million dollars in front of me so that I could convert, I would walk away smiling. My life has not all been good, but being gay has overall been fantastic. I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn;t have that fantastic experience. Je ne regrette rien.

  • Gay_Rob

    What a crock of crap. Isn’t amusing that it’s always the ex-junkie, the ex-prostitute, the EX ANYTHING always finds Jesus and is immediately wiped clean of all their sins? Jesus, if he existed at all, would surely be laughing his butt off if he saw what was being done in His name–or be angry as bat*^&% or throw up. His teachings, if he existed at all, were of love and acceptance of ALL people. I had a therapist when I was a teen. My parents locked me up “for my own good” after discovering that I had had sex with a boy neighbor. The psychiatrist was a charlatan who destroyed hundreds of people’s lives and I surely hope he is dead because he tried, desperately tried to change me and he didn’t succeed.

  • Dipest

    Have you seen how fairy the co-founder of this shit therapy, David Matheson, looks? Isn’t it a good way to have a lot of men around?
    What would they do at nights during the weekend? jajaja! Does this therapy include manly circle jerks to straighten the “male bonds”
    between straight men?jaja. How they waste their time & money to deny themselves! Wouldn’t there be remorse when they realize they’re desperately wishing for the touch of another man? What a pity I feel for them.

  • Billysees


    Hi JJ,

    I wouldn’t convert either, simply because of the level of self-happiness and contentment I’ve experienced since early on. I assume that these experiences are the result of some church associated activities in my teen years, for example, I sang in a church choir for a few years…..hehehe…..I’m sure some other learning things helped also.

    I’ve known some who’ve claimed conversion but I never saw anything to envy or emulate. To me, being influenced by good experiences is more important than chasing after unfamiliar advice or promises no matter how good they sound.

    I doubt that any ones life is always an ideal experience. How could that be? I think a small roller coaster kind of experience is more realistic.

  • Dipest

    I wached the whole video, and I wonder whether this sessions were in the nude if they could handle that and not end up in a big weekend of orgy. What would happen when these “reformed gay” came into a locker room full of naked men? Do they teach how to control hormones? I can’t believe “animal response” can be twisted, if your dick straightens up for men all of a sudden it disapears because you took a two days seminar? If there’s a God these “helpers” will be sent to Hell for their actions!

  • Will L

    LOL Good for him! Let us know how that works out.

  • sympanyc

    200? Damn, I’m late on becoming straight!

  • Freddyeddy

    It works both ways. A lot of married men come out after a long life of heterosexuality, when their wives end up with total hysterectomies caused from having reproductive sex with the rough keratinized glans of their circumcised husbands, unable, or unwilling to satisfy their husbands sexual needs. They can still be in love and care for eachother without having sex. Mother Nature favored the evolution of naturally bisexual humans, and we make choices to be straight, gay or bisexual depending on our environments available resorces. When there’s too much humans, it puts a strain on Mother Nature, causing ecological breakdowns, environmental dissasters, extinction of species, plagues, famines, men can then choose to stop being breeders and be gay. It’s Mother Natures only natural form of birth/population control.

    The alternative to accepting that humans are naturally bisexual is homophobic hate crimes, wars, abortion, cancer causing birthcontrol drugs, holocaustings, genocides, ethnic cleancings,religious and racial hygiene through ritual, religious and routine distruction of the G spot/frenular delta nerves during infant and childhood circumcisions and excisions of the male and female prepuces, sexual reasignment surgery forced on naturally born hermaphrodites,etc.

    It’s the false heavenly godfather worshipping religious indoctrinators who are screwing things up, trying to force all humans to be straight breeders with no exceptions, The false god worshippers try to force us to be straight by cutting off our bisexual prepuce parts known as foreskin, because men can use this skin tube like a vigina for docking. If a man wants to choose to love a woman to raise a family, has nothing to do with his natural ability to be sexually atracted to other men, and many married men can be openly honest to their spouses, with no need to lie when they are not oppressed by the false god believers.

  • damon459

    Why oh why are you giving this freak attention? He deserves to be ignored completely!

  • otherguy

    As a Native American, I fell out of my chair laughing when they showed the men drumming. Then the medicine pouches. We have a name for people like this. White Shaman and Plastic Medicine Men, similar to the ones that killed all those people in the sweathouse a few years back. I am guessing they are probably doing it wrong to. My advise, stick clear.

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