British Man Sleeps With 200 Men, Finds Christ, Converts To Heterosexuality

joe-parker-people-can-change-gay-conversionThis week in Horror Stories To Keep You Awake At Night, a British man and self-professed former man whore visits a therapist to cure himself of homosexuality. Today, he is a sports fan, lover of war films, husband to a wife of eight years and a proud father.

Conversion therapy “saved his life,” you guys.

“I guess I became straight by accident,” says James Parker, former London party child and “exclusively homosexual male with no heterosexual desires whatsoever.” His harrowing account of fighting the battle against life as a depraved homosexual was published by IBT this week. He has successfully completed the Journey Into Manhood program provided by People Can Change, a “nonprofit educational organization.”

Parker, now 46, says he knew he was gay when he was 10, had unconditional support from his parents and never experienced a “tortuous or traumatic” coming out process. He moved to London when he was 18 and lived as an openly gay man — he started an LGBT group at his university and “actively preached against those who suggested that being gay was somehow a choice, or even wrong.”

He also slept with 200 men:

Eventually I settled down with a long-term boyfriend, an ex-soldier and Falklands vet, and we considered going abroad to marry – or at least have a civil-partnership. But around this time I made the decision to enter a relationship with Christ, which allowed me to examine my life more deeply.

I realised I had some issues, centring on commitment. I discovered I had a deep-rooted fear of rejection, I was too anxious, and I used people. I had an innate fear of men – not of their homophobia, but the real thing: a chasm between me and the normal heterosexual male (Kinsey’s so-called number ones).

For Christ’s sake! Literally:

I eventually came to realise that as a boy I had failed to interact with other men on any significant level. I had perceived myself to be rejected by men even as a small boy and had made an inner vow never to deeply trust them. People had reached out to me and I had spurned them, including my father and two older brothers. No wonder men had become a mystery to me and even an obsession by my teens, when I began erotically craving men and feeding this through porn.

I also realised I had thrown myself wholeheartedly into a world of the feminine, with no masculine counter-balance, yet I despised women for having the natural ability to woo every aspect of a heterosexual man, which I could not do. I discovered that my natural place was not among women.

A lot of core behaviours were challenged – my looks, my body, my walk – and my therapist challenged me to look at where I wasn’t like other men, and where I was. The therapist began to work on things like my voice and my gait – he was giving me permission to think in a different way, to do things differently.

“I was never truly gay,” Parker concludes, after years of torture gay conversion therapy. He now claims touching a woman’s hair is an enjoyable activity, and loves “team sports” and Saving Private Ryan, “because it’s about brotherhood and deep male friendships.”

Inspiring story, James. Really. I only wish there were an easier way for men to experience the strong male bonds that occur in your favorite war films.

Oh wait. There’s Grindr.

You can see more from the Journey Into Manhood program below. If you’re looking to fall out of your chair laughing, fast-forward to 4:11: