Survey Says

British Muslims Have ZERO Tolerance for ‘Homosexual Acts’


In addition to learning European Muslims feel more isolated than those living in the U.S., a new Gallup Coexist Index survey from Mogahed and Mohamed Younis reveals temperaments about all those gay issues, like butt sex!

• In France, 78 per cent of the public said homosexual acts were “morally acceptable”, while 35 per cent of Muslims agreed.

• In Germany, the ratio was 68 per cent of the public and 19 per cent of Muslims.

• In Britain, it was 58 per cent to zero. The margin of error was five percentage points in all cases.

For what it’s worth, the study also found only three percent of British Muslims believe sex between unmarried men and women was moral. So maybe it’s just the nuptial factor?

ALSO: “Although stereotypes of Muslims suggest support for honor killings, poll findings showed that French, German and British Muslims actually held similar opinions to that of the general public. Only three percent of French and German Muslims and two percent of British Muslims said honor killings were morally acceptable compared to one percent of the German and British non-Muslim publics.”

[A lArabiya, Al Jazeera]