Sex Photos Land Man and Lover In Clink

British National Arrested For Being Gay In Ghana

There may be an international incident brewing over in Ghana.

A 63-year old British photographer named John Ross Macleod has been arrested for “unnatural carnal knowlege” in the anti-gay African nation, where sodomy remains illegal. Macleod had traveled to Ghana to meet a recent college graduate, Emmanuel Adda, whom MacLeod met on the internet.

You’re probably wondering how police found out about Macleod and Adda. Did the sky fall after they fucked? No. Did Satan spring forth to let the cat out of the proverbial bag? Nope. It all happened by accident when airport coppers were searching Macleod for drugs and discovered a disk containing photos of him and Adda having sex. Both men pleaded guilty to the “unnatural” charges. Macleod pleaded not guilty of possessing pornographic obscenity.

Speaking to the press after the arrests, police chief Charles Darkwa said, “During his stay in Ghana, Adda traveled round the country with Macleod, who took the opportunity to sodomize him and took pictures as well.” Darkwa neglected to mention that Adda consented to the sex.