British Park Keeps Bushes Tall To Capitalize On Gay Cruising Business

gay-cruising-bushesA public park in the coastal town of Brighton, England has been slammed by local residents for catering to a seedy gay clientele, or more specifically, for declining to trim the bushes out of courtesy for the gay people who like to have sex in them.

According to the Daily Mail, bushes in Dukes Mound park have been allowed to grow between 15-20 ft. tall in order to “hide promiscuity” and essentially boost its reputation as one of the most popular and secluded public areas you can find random men to have immediate sex with.

According to a Cityparks employee speaking under anonymity: “We always err on the side of caution when pruning due to the sensitivity of the area. The thinking behind this is to keep the activities mentioned all in one place.”

Despite DM‘s glowing report of the Dukes Mound park as a cruising spot that’s “Popular 24 hours a day!”, the park is bound to be cleaned up now that the city’s residents have gotten involved. According to local Peter White, the park is often covered in “used condoms, beer cans, vodka bottles and packets of prescription drugs.”

White, a gay man, demands action. “Are we going to wait until somebody overdoses on drugs in the area and dies?”, he asked, “or will we wait until an unsuspecting gay man is attacked, mugged, beaten or even killed before we put lighting in the pathways and seal up vacant buildings where rampant drug use and high-risk sexual activity is occurring?”

And, in case you were wondering, White tells the paper that he no longer cruises in this particular park because it is dangerous. Because of course.

Photo: Peccadillo Pictures