British Pol Abandons Gays For Muslims, Says Tatchell

A British politico’s accused of abandoning gay rights to win the Muslim vote. Gay activist Peter Tatchell claims formerly pro-gay Parlimentarian George Galloway used his opponent’s stance on gay rights to seduce Muslim voters in a recently reorganized voting district.

After parliamentary redistricting in August created a new seat contested by Galloway and Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick, Galloway’s Web site listed Fitzpatrick’s favorable record on gay rights under reasons not to vote for him.

“George appears to be appeasing homophobic sections of the Muslim community by attacking Jim Fitzpatrick over his support for gay rights,” [said] Tatchell…

“He’s using homophobia to gain political advantage, and he is betraying his own past appeal for gay equality.

If his Web site is a mistake, George should correct it immediately.”

The website has since been amended.