Tops Off

British Pol To Take It Off

American political scandals are decidedly unsexy. Seriously. The thought of a drunken Mark Foley attempting to woo teenage boys via IM really makes us shrivel. Over in Britain, however, things are a bit different and, perhaps, some say too sexy.

Nathan Garbutt, the 21-year old Tory politician, has raised more than a few eyebrows with his decision to pose topless for the fag-rag, Attitude. In fact, he allegedly raised such a stink that he left the party and is planning to run as an independent. Wakefield Today reports:

Conservative councillors have refuted the claim – and said Mr Garbutt only left because he disagreed with a perceived shift in Tory policy.

But the openly gay former Wakefield College student, who stood for the Tories in May’s Wakefield Council elections, says he resigned after being told not to do the shoot.

He now plans to stand as an independent at the next local election – and intends to go ahead with the pictures.

He said: “I’m doing the shoot to prove politics isn’t just for the old and ugly.

“Most Conservatives in Wakefield are grey-haired, grey suit-wearing, straight men. I was surprised by their reaction because I thought it was a brilliant opportunity to show we were more diverse than people think.

We’ve scoured the internet for pictures of Mr. Garbutt, but haven’t come up with any. Thus, the stock footage of Parliament. So, darling readers, we implore you: find us a picture of Garbutt!

Also, as a note, we don’t know what the stink’s all about: it’s not like he’s rubbing one off for some video. It’s just a little skin. What’s the big deal? Oh, right, the Brits…