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  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Its too bad that Queerty has, and continues, to fall from being a combing source for LGBT issues. I do not know the first thing about a Web-site info-blog business model; apparently it requires, well at least here, to just shit up, just like Faux News.

    Since your coverage was so thin, I clicked on your link to the Sun article. Queerty posts that the police trainee wrote a 4 page suicide letter “LACED WITH WORKPLACE HOMOPHOBIA CHARGES.” Yet the Sun article states: “Much of her letter outlined the recent personal problems in her life. But one paragraph singled out colleagues for their treatment of her.”

    So Queerty, you believe its okay to take a sad story about a tormented young lesbian struggling with many personal, family and relationship issues, struggling to the point she hangs herself in despair, and, to gain coverage, lay all blame on her employer the Metro Police?

    You not only have disrespected the lesbian subject of this post, but all gays and lesbians, by diminishing how our gayness is a part of all parts of our lives, and that we face struggles, wonders, and successes in all parts of our lives.

    While not as high as rates in Japan, suicide rates among gays and lesbians, particularly younger gays and lesbians (she was 28), runs much higher than in the straight community. Honest information is the only way to make impact to help those in need.

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