God Save The Queen

British Public Would Be Okay If Royal Baby Grows Into Gay Prince

RoyalsThe latest addition to the British royal family is just one day old, but the British public wants the baby to know that if he grows up to be gay or bisexual, that’s just fine by them. A poll conducted by the gay rights group Stonewall has found that 83% of those asked would be fine or just don’t care if the newborn Prince of Cambridge grows up to be gay or bisexual. Following on the heels of last week’s approval of marriage equality in England and Wales, it may be too much to ask for a gay prince. Still, it’s a tabloid dream, to say the least. The baby, the son of Prince William and his wife, the former Kate Middleton, is third in line to the throne.

And a gay royal would hardly be without precedent. A few years back, the tabloids were abuzz with a blackmail plot involving allegations that a royal family member had gay sex trysts. (The victim was never named.) Plus there’s the long line of British monarchs who seemed to like a bit of same-sex slap-and-tickle. So if the yet-to-be-named prince turns out to want to marry another prince, he can always see he’s just another royal tradition.