British Rugby Team Has a Ball Fighting Cancer

A British rugby team tackles the very real and very important issue of regularly checking yourself for any lumps that might be a sign of testicular cancer, but you’re going to watch this PSA because it features naked sports stars sitting next to each other, touching themselves in a way that’s not actually porn, but is you know, totally naked. Kudos to the rugby players for taking one for the team, though if you love in America, you can be pretty sure that, well-intentioned or not, this video is NSFW. Watch after the jump.

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  • scott

    …whats do you mean its not porn? i was told just the other day that this guy wanted to do me the favor and check me for cancer………wonder who in that crew got the 1st hard on?

  • Darrien

    One of the interesting things is that the doctor, Christian Jessen, is a regular contributor to a variety of gay magazines and I think is gay himself. It’s nice that the rugby team took the view that getting out the message on testicular cancer testing was more important than a gay panic. Incidentally, the clip is from a primetime show on Channel 4 in the UK called Embarrassing Illnesses, which has done a lot to de-prudify various illnesses that people don’t want to talk about.

  • tavdy79

    Mmmmm, rugby guys are soooo hot. There are definite benefits to living in Britain!

  • Jim

    LOVE the narration, sure wouldn’t hear that on American network TV, a woman saying “get your balls out…” Bravo Brits, maybe in another 200 years or so they’ll be able to broadcast something like this on THIS side of the pond.

  • kevin

    That’s the paradox between Britain and America.

    The Brits are more reserved and have less sex than Americans, but are much more comfortable with sexuality and adult themes/concepts.

    Americans on the other hand have more sex and engage in more sordid affairs, but are extremely puritanical about sexual education, sexual diversity, and genitalia.

  • tallskin


    LOL dunno where you get your idea that the Brits have less sex than the yanks! There was a recent report saying that Brits have a LOT of sex of all types.

    I really don;t know how one would measure this though!

  • moo

    @kevin: I think we have just as much sex as anyone but we just don’t go on and on about.

  • Darth Paul

    @moo: Well, unless you’re a degenerate like Russell Brand…

  • alan brickman

    brave guys.. cause you know some jealous hypocrite will give them hell for stripping down…

  • Darrien

    @alan brickman: Nope, probably not. Rugby players in the UK are always getting naked – it’s virtually a cliche these days. There’s such a culture of rugby players revelling in their nekkidness that one who was ashamed of his body would be regarded as a bit … well, queer (old sense of the word)

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