A British talk show host was outed…by a Ouija board?

Ever-flamboyant British talk show host Alan Carr has revealed how his mother found out he was gay: an Ouija board ratted him out.

The host of Chatty Man and recent Drag Race UK celebrity judge explained during an appearance on the genealogy series DNA Journey that the first time the subject of his sexuality came up with his mother was when the two tried to divine some information about the future. The pair resorted to using an Ouija board as their oracle.

“Me and my mum used to do the ouija board – don’t do that. I got outed by an Ouija board,” Carr told host Amanda Holden. I was doing it with my mum, I wasn’t out yet – as if I was ever in – and she got a message from my dad’s friends called Sinbad.”

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“He said: ‘H-O-M-O-S-E, homosexual.’ I went ‘Bye!’ I’m not being outed by a ghost!”

Carr now speculates that his mother might have moved the planchette herself, suspecting that her son was living in the closet.

“I think she was pushing the glass,” Carr added.

“Maybe it was her way of trying to get you to talk about it,” Holden suggested.

“That is quite a unique way of getting your son to come out…Satan,” Carr quipped. He also added that he has faith in the power of Ouija boards, particularly after one referred to his mother as “a slut.” For Carr, that’s all the proof he needed.

Alan Carr has made a career out of naughty quips in his stand-up comedy and subsequent hosting duties. He currently serves as a host on the UK version of The Masked Singer.