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“British Will” committed the biggest dating foul of all time and the internet can’t get enough

File this under: Cautionary tale.

With many folks dipping their toes back into the dating pool follow a year+ lockdown lull, it’s natural to be a bit rusty.

But this guy took it to a whole new level when he gathered up all his potential dates’ phone numbers to cast a line out in hopes of getting a nibble.

The only problem is he accidentally texted them all in a group thread, with all 14 numbers visible to every recipient. And to make matters even more cringey, he named the group “British Will’s Angels.”

The group of mostly women — plus one guy from Grindr! — had an absolute field day with the error. One of them posted the thread online, where it’s quickly racked up over 82K likes.

Swipe through to read the whole, delicious mess:


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