Britney Gives A Shout-Out To Her Gays In Promo For Ascension Party

In the gay demimonde of Fire Island, Ascension is the hedonistic capstone of the summer, where guests like Kelly Rowland have performed before throngs of shirtless boys enjoying sun, sand, music and possibly several illicit substances.

It doesn’t look like Britney Spears will be the musical guest at this year’s Ascension (her Femme Fatale tour will be hitting Pittsburgh on Friday), but she did record this little message encouraging partygoers to have a blast at the bash, taking place August 19 to 21 in the Pines.

Y’know, Brit kinda looks like she stopped getting dressed halfway to do the clip. We’re not sure what the rest of her outfit is going to look like, but we love the dramatic eyeshadow. Werk!