Britney Jean Spears Calls Her Gay Fans “Somewhat Girls”

Oops! She did it again.

Britney Jean Spears accidentally insulted gay people. During an interview with Pride Source, the “Work Bitch” singer was asked about her gay fans. “I get inspiration from them on almost all of my songs,” the pop princess said.

Awww. That’s sweet.

Then she added:

“They’re somewhat girls…”

Say what?

“…so it’s so inspiring to do stuff that they like to hear, like the cool ‘in’ stuff,” she continued. “Whatever I do for each record is definitely inspired by them.”

We guess that’s supposed to be a compliment?

This is not the first time the hit maker has come under fire for making subtly homophobic remarks. Earlier this year, she likened her gay beauty team to puppies when she referred to them as “adorable and hilarious” during an interview with San Francisco’s 99.7 NOW FM.

In all honestly, we don’t think Britney Jean is a homophobe. But she could use a lesson or two in public speaking. To the girl’s credit, she’s not used to speaking off-the-cuff, hence the lip-syncing.

When asked about the “adorable and hilarious” comments made earlier this year, Britney told Pride Source: “I would never say anything to be mean to them. I love my gay fans. Gay people are always usually my best friends in the whole world. I completely adore them.”

We adore you too, Brit Brit. But, for the record, we’re not girls.

Or even somewhat girls.