Britney Killed It, Bitch! The Best Moments From “Piece Of Me” Opening Night

BclHIzRCQAESd0GThe haters were waiting for Britney Spears to fall flat on opening night of Piece of Me, her new ambitious Vegas residency that’s set to rock Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater with 98 shows over the next two years. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Queen of Pop’s many downs and glorious ups, it’s that she can’t be held down.

Britney was on fire (and soaking wet at some points) last night, according to a number of industry insiders and superfans that were blessed by the Holy Spearit during her inaugural 90-minute “career hits” spectacular. Among the faces sitting front row center were Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Sia, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus, who by all accounts were having the time of their lives (and probably picking up some tips).

She flies, she works, she brings Mario Lopez on stage and whips him! She may not have been dancing like she was 18 again, but the critics unanimously agree: No one puts on a show quite like Britney Spears.

Slip into your bedazzled bra and get ready to work, bitch! We’re reliving the best moments of opening night at Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me”:


The Queen made sure to whip out her best moves in the first few numbers. After descending from the ceiling in a globe (Madonna much?) and emerging in a “Toxic”-esque sequined bodysuit, Britney commanded the stage with some serious hair and leg-ography.


Katy Perry and Selena Gomez were THRILLED!

It even looked great from the nosebleed section!


Okay, okay, she may not have been singing live for a majority of the show (people claim she only went live during three ballads), but homegirl was definitely working up a sweat.

A serious sweat.

Things tone down a bit as Britney morphs into her natural form, an angel, and sings what she has referred to as her favorite Britney song, “Everytime.”

Actual angels, take note.


She cranks it back up with some interesting remixes of “Baby One More Time” and “Oops.” In case you need a freeze frame of those gorgeous dancer bodies, you’re welcome.

Everyone in the audience was pretty excited to hear the Queen resurrect her career’s greatest hits, but no one was #dying quite like Miley.


The audience collectively screams yaaaasss as Fashioney undergoes a costume change and arrives on stage in a stunning bedazzled brassiere and a sick pair of gold hi-tops. She basically recreates the famous “Me Against the Music” video with Madonna, only this time replacing Madonna with insanely hot dudes in flannel tops. #workbitch


And finally, the “Gimme More” redemption performance we’ve been waiting six long years for. It’s bittersweet that she totally nails this performance in Vegas, the city where that ripped her to shreds at the 2007 VMAs.

The stage turns into a psychedelic dance party for a quick “Scream and Shout” interlude that runs into club-thumping hit “Boys” and later, the brand new “Perfume.” She looks insane in neon!

…and some signature Britney chair-ography for “I’m A Slave 4 U”.


Kinkney comes out for a BDSM-themed performance of “Freakshow.” At this point, Britney’s dancers bring a fan from the audience on stage, outfit him in a harness and force him to crawl around stage while Britney whips him.


But OH MY GOD, it’s actually Mario Lopez!!

I always knew he was into leather.


Circusney arrives to kick off the final third of the show, which is packed with high-energy dance hits. She performs amid a ring of fire, confirming the fact that she is the hottest bitch in the room.


Whoops! Britney’s most hilarious first-night blooper comes when she totally ruins a great mirror effect around 0:20 in the video above. But hey, if that’s the worst she can do, that’s pretty damn awesome.


And here’s the big reveal! That massive three-story tree Britney so longingly talked about in her E! documentary I Am Britney Jean. Miss thang enters the stage via the second story of the tree…

…and then jumps off!


Flawless form, Brit Brit.


She finishes the show with “Crazy” and an encore of “Till the World Ends.”

She finished strong.

She knew she nailed it.

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Miley knew she nailed it.


Everyone wants a Piece of Britney.


So haters can just back off. The Queen is here to stay (at least for 97 more performances).

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