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Britney singing “Toxic” without auto-tune just leaked — and guess how it sounds?

So, a leaked version of Britney Spears singing “Toxic” without the aid of auto-tune angels just leaked… and the result is: well, not world-shatteringly bad. But not game-changingly good?

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We must be in the minority opinion, though. A.V. Club thinks her “sweet and sultry unaided vocals surpass the heavily orchestrated version with their vulnerable sincerity.” The usually bitchy Sun calls the performance “impressive.”

Maybe we’re the problem. At some points during the chorus, we could swear she sounds a bit like a balloon enthusiastically deflating. At other points, she’s a bit pitchy and manic and just sort of all over the place. But we have such doubts…

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See, the reliably scathing Twitter denizens are also really into the unaided vocals, making us just feel like total overly judgmental jerks and the worst, most disgusting and black-hearted people on the whole Internet.

So basically, we’re monsters and there’s something wrong with us. But there’s nothing wrong with Spears’ sweetly unadorned dulcet tones… Right?


What do you think? A triumph of talent over production techniques? A sad, sorry testament to the middling gifts of today’s pop divas? Something-in-between?

Sound off (but not off-tune)  in the comments below.