Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Gave Her A Big Gift Last Night


Around 11am today, Britney Spears tweeted that her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, gave her “the one gift [she’s] been waiting for” last night. The rumor’s been for weeks that he’s going to propose, so it seems like it’s a ring of some sort. OMG, they’re getting engaged! Maybe!

(And if they are, shame on Britney for not refusing to wed until marriage equality is the law of the land, like  NCIS’ Pauley Perrette did.)

Another possibility: Jason gave Brit an orgasm so great she had to tweet about it the morning after. Has it been a looong time?

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  • jason

    Will the stupid Britney Spears go away? I mean, she’s ripped concert-goers off for years with her fake ass singing. Miming is one of her stocks in trade. She doesn’t mention it on her over-priced tickets, though. You may as well go and watch a drag queen mime.

    Shitney is one of the reasons the music industry has been in such a hole for the last 10 years or so. You’ve allowed fake no-talent hacks (usually female) to have chart success.

  • lika

    just reading the headline, i thought for sure it was gonna be herpes, then i realized, she may already have it.

  • christopher di spirito

    She could’ve gone the way of Amy Winehouse but, she pulled through her crazy days and got her shit together and today, Brit-Brit is clean and sober. Props.

  • Granster

    Who The F… Cares?

  • Jack

    What does this have to do with teh gays? So there’s a rumor that a woman is engaged to a man when two women or two men can’t get engaged in most of the country and world? Great work, Evan.

  • steve sydney

    Could all the Britney hate just simmer down??!!

    The girl has given our clubs some really good music the past 12 months LOL!!

  • Mike


  • Wow

    Dr. Luke and max martin make the best music for 13 year old girls and fags. Britney is just a cover for their work.

  • I love BS

    I love Britney Spears! I grew up listing to her music and she changed my life. Her music has always been there for me! All you hatters need to GTFO and bow to the Queen of Pop.

  • Mike

    I like her music but she’ll never be a real artist. Madonna and GaGa are the masterminds behind their work, Britney is a pupper for Dr. Luke, Max Martin and the record label. She does have some great songs though

  • jason

    Britney is simply a puppet for egg blender-type electronic garble produced by button-pushing DJ’s and producers. She’s not real and neither is her music.

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