Britney Spears Consoles Gay Contestant On X Factor

Britney Spears didn’t walk off the set of X Factor on Sunday, when a gay contestant lost his composure during taping and began crying.

The contestant, Don Philip, actually knows Britney—the two sang together on “I Will Still Love You” off Baby… One More Time. 

“I’m gay,” he said to Spears, crying. “[Back then] I didn’t think I was worthy. I didn’t think you thought it was okay that I am gay.”

Spears told Philip she had no problem with his sexuality and tried to help him regain his composure, reports People.

But according to Philip’s Facebook post on Monday, he kind of blew it:

“Tonight I might have sealed my music career fate according to a certain music mogul. I tryed to just be real and instead it totally got turned around on me. Perhaps this was not the place for me to reveal my very soul and obstacles of my past. Certainly not the place for a reunion… I promise I only had good intentions in mind.

There is one problem my good-intentioned comments and revelation were refereed by two [pompous] arrogant men. My voice froze I started to sing when I was told to but I could not recover from what felt like a really hardcore interogation. I guess I am not as tough skinned as I thought. Wait, it gets worse… when I looked into the very eyes of my old label mate and saw she, too, was sad, I knew the whole situation was spinning out of control. My heart broke… I am numb…

Maybe Simon will give me a second chance. I was so exhausted could not sleep night before—and so scared to face britney thinking what to say. Also I had been carrying this heavy burden and I wanted to just let it out. So all day it was brewing. And 4 hours of interviews left my voice done.

Simon, give me another shot like the past X Factor winner. I can do it”

Gambling your fate against the kindness and generosity of Simon Cowell? Eesh.

Source: Advocate.com



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  • Cam

    This article seemed a bit disjointed. I’m not certain what the point was.

  • jason

    Britney is not particularly gay-friendly. Simon Cowell is creepy.

  • MikeE

    @jason: and womens’ sexuality is a myth and all gay men are whores. yes, yes, we all know. now go away.

  • Brandon

    Being GAY is not the issue Don, it’s your METH addiction! Get help!

  • GoticTwat

    What you are talking about @jason? Spears openly supporting gay people since 2003.Even she was under fire when she put gay couples in her tour.
    But why Brittany is judging people?

  • Roxorz

    Basically this guy who recorded a duet or something like that with Britney for her first album came on the x-factor. At some point during the questioning he admitted to Spears, the other judges and audience that he is gay (apparently he was in the closet up until that point). He got sympathy from them at first and everyone was crying, but after he sang they unanimously felt he wasn’t good enough for the competition. He went home and wrote that facebook post basically blasting spears and the show saying that he wasn’t given a fair shot.

    This screams of publicity stunt either for the show or for the guy. He could have easily revealed he was gay later on once it was established that he was actually good!

  • Dale Thorn

    Wow Really ?!?!?!?!…. In this day and age of gay Sentors, gay dogs, gay monkeys, gay teachers, gay jocks, gay professionals in general we are looking at an entertainer and saying bad things cause he or she is gay…I think NOT!! This is really sad that this entertainers back ground did not allow him to thrive in his own sexuallity. It is even more sad that the American Public had the nerve to be shocked when George Michael cam out of the closet…The man wore HOT PANTS on stage for christ sake. No DON do not have shame, guilt, remorse, regret, or even shed a tear for the ignorence of HOMOPHOBES in your life. Gays are a class above. Just because they do not except you is no reason to give up. That is what HOMOPHOBES want, is for you to give up. My dream was the military, but my pro-gay diemer was and I quote “A Disruption To Group Cohesion” The fact of the matter is there are more gay in the military and entertainment industry then are reported to be. That is a fact. I lived it I know. If your gay straight or otherwise, put cha hot pants on and get into something, before something gets into, stay your course do not turn twards the rocks or give into jelousy gised in chritasisims…. Being gay really is a great adventure for life…unique to all of us like a finger print, our lives though different are really no different from any one else gay or straight, we all have struggles we all have fears, its how we deal with those struggles and fears that sets appart, and makes us unique.

  • Old Wh0re

    Nobody cares about that old redneck wh0re. And like Jason said, she’s not really gay-friendly – what exactly has she done for gays other than take their money? Gays are so dumb for liking her.

  • FQ1

    @Dale Thorn
    “In this day and age of gay Sentors…” I really hope you meant “gay centaurs.”
    Sorry. Had to.

  • gayBritfan

    Wow seems like some people are living under the rocks for saying Britney is not a gay-friendly. She almost got shot dead by then governor Kendel Ehrlich’s wife when she kissed Madonna in 2003 when everyone was treating gay people inhuman and she public tours with gay dancers and does gay acts in her tours. So do some researchers before saying Britney is not gay-friendly.

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