It's Britney, bitch!

A Britney Spears fan made the pop diva crack a smile and laugh during her show


The reign of Britney Spears continues to be strong. After her wildly successful residency in Las Vegas, the pop diva is busy touring North America, taking her show on the road. She just did three sold-out nights in Atlantic City at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. And while reviews seem to be pretty positive, one video making the rounds on the internet has nothing to do with her performance. At least not her planned performance.

One super fan, Zachary Gordon-Abraham, sat in the front row. When it came time for the intro to “Gimme More,” Gordon-Abraham just couldn’t help himself. With perfect timing during a silence in the music, Gordon-Abraham screamed, “Who is it?” This made Spears crack a smile and laugh out loud, but she got back into character before delivering (or perhaps lip syncing) the iconic line, “It’s Britney, bitch.”

We couldn’t be there, but thankfully for us video of the moment made it to Gordan-Abraham’s Instagram. As of press time, the video has amassed almost 30,000 views.

“I’ve been a huge fan since ‘…Baby One More Time’ came out. I was so little and I just fell in love,” the 22-year-old from Pennsylvania tells Queerty. “I’ve seen her quite a few times live and I really wanted to make an impression on her somehow without spending $2,500 on a meet and greet. I knew the set list and I’ve seen ‘Piece Of Me’ in Las Vegas, so I knew that part of ‘Gimme More’ was the perfect opportunity to shout something. I debated on several things like ‘Hit me baby’ or the typical ‘I love you!'”

Gordon-Abraham explains, “I decided to shout, ‘Who is it?’ To my surprise, Britney looked right at me and gave a real laugh. Her dancers all looked at me as well and laughed along with Britney before going into the ‘Gimme More’ choreography. And when she said, ‘It’s Britney, bitch,’ she said it in this way, with a cute little eye roll, as a solid response to my, ‘Who is it?'”

Gordon-Abraham is milking this moment for everything it’s worth. He’s currently selling a t-shirt on his Instagram for $30 that features his question on the front and her iconic line on the back.

“It was without a doubt one of the best moments of my life.”