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Britney Spears, Jon Hamm, and Katy Perry Make Top 10 On Internet’s “Most Dangerous Celebrities” List

Gay men, take heed! An annual study from software company McAfee’s SiteAdvisor has been released listing the internet’s most dangerous celebrities.

The study, now in its seventh year, researches pop culture’s most famous celebs to discover who return the most dangerous links when searched for, including viruses, malware, and malicious software designed to steal unsuspecting fans’ passwords and personal information.

Gay icon Kathy Griffin came in at No. 4. Not far behind her roared Katy Perry at No. 6, followed by Ms. Britney Jean Spears at No. 7,  and Jon Hamm at No. 8. (So the next time you search for “Jon Hamm’s package”, be careful what you click!)

The study reveals that women are more dangerous than men. Musicians, particularly female pop stars, are the most dangerous of all, comprising nine of the top twenty most dangerous celebrities.

Interestingly, Lady Gaga came in at No. 30. It seems she can’t beat Katy Perry at anything.

Here are the top 10:

1. Lily Collins

2. Avril Lavigne

3. Sandra Bullock

4. Kathy Griffin

5. Zoe Saldana

6. Katy Perry

7. Britney Spears

8. Jon Hamm

9. Adriana Lima

10. Emma Roberts

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  • whatisthis

    Another pointless jab at Lady Gaga by Queerty. News at 11.

  • Spike

    @whatisthis: It’s rather sad, pathetic yet so typical of Queerty, is it not?

  • 2eo

    @whatisthis: Sadly Queerty and their partner sites suck up to certain people.

    Late last year there was a spate of pro Rihanna posts, the reason is Queerty writers get invited on their tours for PR, and it starts by fishing for PR clicks, Graham here is rather transparently trying to get on the tour of Britney Spears starting soon.

    It is both sad and pathetic.

  • Mauricio

    Seriously Queerty? I mean why would you hate on Gaga and then make the whole Gaga vs Perry in this thing. Stopr the drama and start the music. Move on. Write proper things , use the artists for something good :)

  • tardis

    Ditto on everything above me.

  • Brendan

    This is not really a list you want to be on, so Lady Gaga is actually in a better position than Katy Perry – less of Gaga’s fans will become victims of hacking and spyware. So yea, take that super mature article writer than brought up the feud again for no damn reason.

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