Britney Spears Slammed For “Exploiting” Gay Culture In New Super-Gay Single

tumblr_mta3oc4BBy1qg4nwmo1_500Another queer artist has taken up beef with the mainstream game this week, this time coming hard for Britney Spears’ brand new dance anthem, “Work Bitch“.

Rumors suggesting the pop Queen was working with RuPaul on the new single turned out to be false, but a collaboration may have helped her in the fight against a few angry gays. Since the single debuted on Sunday, many have accused Britney of pandering for gay fans with the homo-heavy track obviously inspired by more than one famous queen.

Mykki Blanco, a gender-bending queer rapper that we think is Better Than Everybody, was among one of the first to slam Spears on Twitter this week. According to her, Spears’ new single is “tacky” and exploits gay culture—”This is not ‘gay pride’ it’s ‘gay marketing’ designed to keep u fags on ecstasy blasting garbage music till 6 am,” Blanco said in a since-deleted tweet.

Luckily, OMG Blog grabbed a screenshot of the rant:


What do you think? Is Britney Spears vying for your fandom, or was “Work Bitch” a brilliant prelude to her upcoming Vegas residency and new December album? Whatever it’s supposed to be, she better Work Bitch (see how that works?).

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  • J.L.Vargas

    @ Mykki, Only the female pop stars who know that without our approval they can won’t get far in this business. We can make or break their success when it comes to dance music. And yes…its tacky. And although I am not or have ever been a Britney fan, this song has a catchy tune.

  • kendall1968

    You are probably waiting on a hit song Mykki. How is she exploiting gay culture. She is part of GAY CULTURE and the song is AMAZING! Find something else to whine about.

  • boring

    Laser accuracy.

  • TheMarc

    Oh no!! She’s pandering to gays!! How horrible!! Blah, blah, blah, why? I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t mind being pandered to by a performer. There was certainly a time in this world where it would have been unheard of and a performer might actually have been blacklisted and ostracized for doing so. Some people you’ll never please. It’s one thing for the gay community to attack a performer for being anti-gay or for excluding gay themes or messages from their music; it’s another entirely to attack a performer for giving us a nod or two; or in some artists’ cases, being blatantly and obviously pro-gay in their songs, performances, public statements, etc. This is a ridiculous non-issue.

  • Fitz

    Absolutely right.

  • Lance

    While I don’t wholeheartedly disagree it’s EDM. It’s not made to be deep and honestly she’s not overexploited herself or the gay community.

    Not at all in ways that Lady Gaga has ever… Lady Gaga’s image is for gays to go around and “work bitch”.

    And talk about exploitation what about all of the gay shows on TV, and the tons of overly stereotypical-because-they-“need”-to-be queens in the world.

    Britney put out a song with a very simple, shallow message.

    Don’t look into it. It’s not made for that.

  • Rockery

    He is spot on

    I like Britney but it’s the truth, same for gaga. It’s amazing that so many gays will support these stars that are draining us of our money but no one is supporting ACTUAL queer artists.

    A lot of people reading this probably don’t know who Mykki Blanco is and probably can’t name 5 young/recent queer artists

  • balehead


  • balehead

    spelled it wrong…I wonder why?…

  • erikwm

    GAY has gone mainstream. Pride parades are now awash in corporate sponsors, dance music rules the Billboard charts, and the federal government gives marriage benefits to same-sex couples.

    Gay culture will be assimilated into mainstream pop culture. Equal rights means the end of a segregated gay subculture.

    Get used to it. There’s no going back.

  • ohelloothere

    I totally agree that there are artists who are using the gay movement to their advantage in gaining success, but in what way does this song have anything to do with gay culture or being gay?

    Is it because she uses the word, “bitch?” The gay culture is not the only culture that uses the word.
    Is it because she talks about wanting to look hot? Is that gay?
    I don’t understand how the song is even related to the subject of being gay at all.

    This Blanco dude seems to be the type of person to complain about anything and everything. Britney put out a club song. Without a doubt will this song be played in gay clubs, but it’ll be played in non-gay clubs as well. I don’t see this song to be geared specifically to gays… just club-goers in general.

    You people need to relax.

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