Britney Spears Slammed For “Exploiting” Gay Culture In New Super-Gay Single

tumblr_mta3oc4BBy1qg4nwmo1_500Another queer artist has taken up beef with the mainstream game this week, this time coming hard for Britney Spears’ brand new dance anthem, “Work Bitch“.

Rumors suggesting the pop Queen was working with RuPaul on the new single turned out to be false, but a collaboration may have helped her in the fight against a few angry gays. Since the single debuted on Sunday, many have accused Britney of pandering for gay fans with the homo-heavy track obviously inspired by more than one famous queen.

Mykki Blanco, a gender-bending queer rapper that we think is Better Than Everybody, was among one of the first to slam Spears on Twitter this week. According to her, Spears’ new single is “tacky” and exploits gay culture—”This is not ‘gay pride’ it’s ‘gay marketing’ designed to keep u fags on ecstasy blasting garbage music till 6 am,” Blanco said in a since-deleted tweet.

Luckily, OMG Blog grabbed a screenshot of the rant:


What do you think? Is Britney Spears vying for your fandom, or was “Work Bitch” a brilliant prelude to her upcoming Vegas residency and new December album? Whatever it’s supposed to be, she better Work Bitch (see how that works?).