“Broad City” Discusses The Intricacies Of Anal Intercourse


Comedy Central’s Broad City is one of my favorite shows on TV if only because it’s a lot less cloying than Girls, but also because it’s genuinely hilarious. Last night, BFFs Ilana and Abbi tackled an issue near and dear to, well, someone’s heart: anal intercourse.

When Abbi finally gets a chance to hookup with her longtime crush — her hunky, bearish neighbor Jeremy — she’s surprised when he pulls out a dildo and strap-on, but being a modern cosmopolitan girl with not too many prospects, she’s game.


When Ilana’s parents casually find said dildo, they seem confused but not at all judgmental about Abbi topping her paramour.


Ilana’s (real-life) brother Elliot, however, explains that anal doesn’t discriminate.


And it’s these kinds of frank, open discussions about sex with your parents no one ever wants to have.

Les Fabian Brathwaite, enjoyer of gay men and straight men alike.