Brokeback In Utah


Recently, there was a big hoopla in the blog world about the Utah theater that pulled Brokeback Mountain. We received the email below and it points out where the film is playing in Utah: The Broadway Center Theater.

My name is Thomas Nelson, and I’m the co-president of Lesbian & Gay Student Union at the University of Utah. I’ve loved your coverage of queer stuff in Utah, from our Queer Spelling Bee in October to the recent Brokeback Mountain drama with Larry H. Miller.

However, I think that the real compelling story is where the movie is playing in Utah. The Broadway Center Theatre, operated by the Salt Lake Film Society, shows great independent film, and Brokeback Mountain has only bolstered their position in the local queer community.

Larry H. Miller and his businesses are kind of terrible, and I’m glad that none of our gay dollars will go to support the Utah Jazz, his giant desert racetrack, his baseball team, his bad restaurants, his numerous car dealerships, or his unpleasant theaters. Recently Larry H. Miller has perpetuated the Mormon Church’s official lies about its origins by producing the Work and the Glory movies. He’s not worth the fuss.

Jordan Commons, by the way, is probably the last place I would want to see Brokeback Mountain. Jordan Commons is the kind theater where Mormon mothers breast feed their latest offspring while they throw back a few Krispy Kreme donuts (which they sell by the dozen at the concession stands) while they watch weird locally produced movies like Singles Ward or Baptists at Our Barbecue.

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