Brokeback Mountain Gagged In Two Theaters

Homos, homo supporters and homo Mormons (we know you’re out there—we’ve seen Latter Days and Angels in America) hoping to buy a ticket to Brokeback Mountain at Salt lake City’s Megaplex at Jordan Commons were greeted instead with a sign that read:”There has been a change in booking and we will not be showing Brokeback Mountain. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Change in booking can roughly be translated to “Gay cowboys not welcome.”

As AP reports:

Gayle Ruzicka, president of the conservative Utah Eagle Forum, said not showing the film set an example for the people of Utah.

“I just think (pulling the show) tells the young people especially that maybe there is something wrong with this show,” she said.

For those moral folks who want to some wholesome entertainment for the entire family, Jordan Commons is still showing the new family-friendly (albeit R-rated) Hostel!

Two enamored men swapping spit is just plain wrong, but watching teenagers being bound, gagged and tortured to death? Bring it on!