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BrokeFit: Best Bang for Your Buck Food Options — Cottage Cheese

Brandon-small-with-logoWhen you’re trying to eat healthy on a budget, some meals that you come up with can be somewhat…adventurous combinations, to say the least. More than anything, you need to be willing to try some things that you normally wouldn’t consider, for the sake of good sources of your macros (here’s a quick guide to macronutrients for those who aren’t familiar with the term). Today, I want to talk about my favorite go-to protein source: Cottage cheese!

This stuff was crucial to bodybuilders before big ol’ tubs of whey protein were readily available. It’s also a great vegetarian option as well. Obviously, this isn’t exactly the best choice for paleo fans or vegans because it’s dairy, but again, this is about being as healthy and strong as possible while on a broke budget. Consider it an extreme “in case of emergency” option if you are simply against dairy. Per each 4 oz serving, it’s high in protein (about 14g), low in carbs (about 5g), and only ranges from 0 to 5g of fat. You’re also getting a nice little kick of calcium in there, as well as a handful of other minerals. You can usually find this stuff for pretty cheap: a 1 lb. tub usually goes for about $1.80 to $3.00, depending on brand and store sales.

One of the greatest components of cottage cheese is that it is a casein protein, which digests a bit slower, therefore keeping you fuller for longer. I know some people hate this stuff: the texture the taste, color, whatever. But as I mentioned before, a limited budget can really force someone to get creative. Mix some avocado in with it, or make it a macro-balanced, parfait-style meal with a nut and dried fruit trail mix.

Bottom line: This stuff will keep you bulked and strong when the wallet is hurtin’!

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