Broken Down.

It must be so easy being an anti-gay social conservative. Rather than analyzing cause and effect, all they have to do it point a finger at the lavender set. Remember how we “caused” Katrina? Well, the same can be “said” about Washington Mutual’s collapse last week. It wasn’t the international credit crunch, says right-wing website American Renaissance, but the fact that the bank had earned strong marks for diversity, specifically with regard to Hispanics and homos, a fact highlighted in WaMu’s last press release before the collapse. [AmRen]

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  • blake

    Wow! The AmRen site seems filled with hate-filled racists. The comments were as illogical and twisted as anything spewed by Queerty’s pink-sheet wearing troll, Church-nazi.

    The idiots conflate Wamu’s failure with diversity, dismissing the financial crisis. Reading the site is like listening in to a meeting of your local Klan meeting.

  • Charles Merrill

    Wells Fargo where I bank in California is totally gay and they are the top graded AAA financial insitution. WaMu made bad loans. Homeless people even got loans there, no questions asked.

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